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Graduation Day, Part I

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Shoot That Poisoned Arrow

In the chem lab, Willow sends Xander to the magic store for ingredients so that Willow can analyze the mystical poison that is killing Angel. Xander makes his way through the darkened hallway but is stopped by Anya, who wants him to run away with her. Do it! Go, Xander, Go! Take one for the team and spare us the spectacle of your "relationship" for the next two seasons. "You're going to die if you stay here," says Anya. And she doesn't want him to, because then she will vomit. Or something. Personally, I think Anya owes me one. God knows I've been nauseated by her often enough. Xander turns down Anya's offer because he has "friends on the line." Anya's response is a belligerent "So?" Xander quips that her humanity is "a work in progress." Dude, you have no idea the long, slow, agonizing, over-sexed, one-note-joke truth of that statement. At his refusal Anya fiercely says, "Fine. I hope you die." Xander brushes past her and Anya petulantly inquires, "Aren't we going to kiss?" Yes. You are. Much to my continued disappointment. So just cram it and run off so I can enjoy the rest of the episode without you. Xander not in love with Anya? Pretty much indistinguishable from Xander in love with Anya.

Overcompensation Estates. Angel. Shirtless and sweaty abed and tended by Buffy. She wipes his beetle brow and says vaguely reassuring things. At the sound of the door, Buffy excuses herself. Wesley has returned with news from the Council. He slowly admits, "They couldn't help. Wouldn't. It's not Council policy to cure vampires." Wesley claims that he tried to convince the CoW, and Buffy urges him to keep trying. Wesley: "They're very firm. We're talking about laws that have existed longer than civilization." Buffy: "I'm talking about watching my lover die." Agh! Where to begin? Do I start first with the nit-pick that it is nigh impossible to have laws without civilization, indeed that having laws is pretty much what defines civilization, or should I focus on the fact that no eighteen-year-old should ever use the word "lover" and especially not in conjunction with Angel? These are the types of difficult decisions a recapper has to face every single day. You think you're tough enough for the job? Think again. Giles steps in to reassure Buffy. Wesley blithers on about "orders," but at the mention of that word, Buffy gets stone-faced and breaks up with the CoW. See ya. Wouldn't want to be ya. Wesley pissily tries to enlist Giles to change Buffy's mind, but Giles goes to stand by the Slayer and insists that he has nothing to add. Wesley is dumb. I mean, "dumbfounded." No, I mean dumb, but Buffy stands firm.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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