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Graduation Day, Part II

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The Ironic Segue Fairy cuts to a sweaty, shirtless Angel. Willow wipes his forehead. It's a sweet gesture, and given the size of the forehead in question, above and beyond the call of duty. Angel opens his eyes, and asks if she's been watching over him. She nods, and he takes her hand and kisses it. Willow looks weirded out. He deliriously makes some comments that reveal that he thinks he's talking to Buffy. Willow disabuses him of that notion, and his eyes seem to focus, although it's not easy to tell, as he's wearing his trademark deer-in-the-headlights look. Willow tells him that Buffy will be back soon, and he loses consciousness again. Willow then joins Oz in the other room. She says that Angel thought she was Buffy. Oz: "You too, huh?" Ha! I would have loved to see that, if only for the look on Oz's face. And Seth Green fails to completely conceal the fact that he found that line hilarious, making me laugh even harder. They express their hope that Buffy will be there soon. Willow says she feels guilty, because while the world's falling apart around them, "in some ways, this is the best night of my life." You mean in the way that you got to sleep with Oz? I'm right there with you, sister. Oz smiles and agrees, and they kiss. Buffy enters, and they pull apart. Willow says that she just checked on Angel, but Buffy looks nine kinds of grim. They ask her about Faith, but Buffy just wants to know how Angel is. Oz says he's in and out. "I think the pain is...less, now." Buffy dismisses them. Willow tells her they'll try to find another cure. Aw. Although I'm surprised it didn't occur to them what she's about to do.

Buffy wakes Angel up, and he seems slightly more lucid. He says he didn't want to die before seeing her. Aw. She forces him to sit up, and says he's going to live. She tells him to drink, and removes her jacket. "Drink me." David Boreanaz does a good job of looking horrified through the haze, and refuses. She tells him the blood of a Slayer is the only cure. He mentions Faith, and it's nice to know Buffy wasn't the only one willing to kill her. She tells him that's no longer an option. He says she'll die, but she speculates that if he doesn't drink all her blood, she won't. That's something I don't get on this show -- it seems like we've seen many people die from just a little sip. I know Buffy's a Slayer, but I still thought I'd mention it, given how much blood she loses. Reaching a standstill in the argument, Buffy resorts to her fists. After the third punch, Angel vamps out. Buffy steels herself, and pulls down a sleeve of her tank top. He bites her. There's a lot of thrusting going on, but I really don't want to get into the whole sex/violence/death thing, especially after Spike and Buffy in Season Six. Y'all are smart -- talk about it on the boards. Buffy's blood trickles down her shoulder. She and Angel fall to the floor. Angel's making sounds of extreme pleasure, and doesn't look like he's about to stop any time soon. Sigh. Buffy violently kicks her leg out, breaking a table. She seems to lose consciousness, although her eyes are still open. Angel finally pulls out (sorry, I couldn't resist) and morphs back to his human visage. His wound looks much better. He calls Buffy's name, but her eyes are now closed, and she doesn't react.

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