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Graduation Day, Part II

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Well, that was an interesting "convorsation." Alan Ball pushed the poor guy over the edge. I hope he gets it together in time for the Sopranos season premiere. But luckily, I know someone else who's shown proficiency in dissecting dreams in her recaps. Sars, want to step up? ["It's said that everyone in your dreams is actually you, and in light of the dialogue between Faith and Buffy throughout the third season about how Faith is the embodiment of a certain darkness in Buffy herself, I think that's what the viewer is meant to take from it. It's clear also that Faith's baggage is just that, and that Buffy's going to have to 'carry' it now, because trying to kill Faith is very...well, Faith, and all that that implies. It's also said that, in dreams, apartments signal you to avoid rivals, and that where windows symbolize opportunity, a broken window symbolizes an opportunity lost. So, there's all that stuff. But it's also possible that, much like in 'Restless' and in real dreams, we've got a number of red herrings here that don't mean much of anything." -- Sars]

Anyway, the endless possibilities and the seeming reconciliation between the Slayers make this one of my favorite scenes ever.

Roswell, this fall. Not anymore, bitches!

School courtyard, set up for graduation. Snyder nervously surveys the scene as high-pitched, creepy music plays. They put this little snippet of music on the DVD main menu, and it was a damn good choice.

Cut to the library. Buffy has just explained her plan, and wants to know if she's crazy. Willow: "Crazy is such a strong word." Giles: "Let's not rule it out, though." Heh. Cordy, who's really been hitting the self-tanning bottle, says that a crazier plan isn't possible. Oz: "We attack the Mayor with hummus." Cordy: "I stand corrected." She redeems herself by pointing out that, as crazy as it may be, it's pretty much the only plan, and besides, it belongs to Buffy, who's "Little Miss Likes-To-Fight." Buffy says she'll need all of them, but that Xander is the key figure. Oh, so that's why the plan couldn't be any crazier. He's predictably pleased, and asks what's involved. Buffy asks him if he remembers his military training. He asks if that's important to the plot of this particular episode. When she says yes, he says he does in fact remember it. Giles says that the plan is dependent on Buffy being able to control the Mayor, but Buffy says that Faith told her to play on his "human weakness." Willow: "Was that before or after you put her in a coma?" Buffy: "After." Willow: "Oh." Heh. They speculate on what the weakness might be. Angel points out that the Mayor doesn't like germs. Cordy thinks they've got it. "We'll get a container of Ebola virus, and, and uh, or, it doesn't even have to be real, we can just get a box that says 'Ebola' on it, and, um, chase him." Ha! She looks so pleased with herself -- she even gave a little snap at the end. And I would point out how last millennium Ebola virus jokes are, but the fact is that if you take the time actually to picture the scene she's describing, it's impossible not to giggle. More banter ensues until Angel comes up with the money answer, remembering how crazed the Mayor was about Faith. Buffy says she can use that as Wesley enters, saying that they don't have much time. He gets the expected frosty reception. Buffy: "If I need someone to scream like a woman, I'll give you a call." I start to wonder if that might be too harsh to say even to Wesley, but the fact that I laughed for two full minutes first sort of answers that question. Wesley says he just wants to help. Cordy asks the room if that isn't classy, and Buffy concedes that it's a start. She begins, "This is how it's --"

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