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Graduation Day, Part II

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Larry and Jonathan help Oz and Willow unload some materials from Oz's van. Oz and Willow give them instructions on where to drop off the stuff. Larry and Jonathan close the van door, affording Oz and Willow a tender moment. Willow admits that she's terrified, but Oz tells her they'll survive. They mack, and Willow subtly suggests that they partake of some pre-ceremony porking.

Buffy returns to Giles's office to find Angel preparing weapons. She says she got what she needed. Angel asks how she is, but upon hearing that she's okay, tells her that he's not going to say goodbye. She looks gobsmacked. He continues that if they survive, he'll just leave. Way to be a completely selfish asshole. Why put her through this now? If one of you dies, it's obviously totally unnecessary. More importantly, she's got enough to deal with now without getting emotional over this. He's only trying to make things easier on himself. I can't say I'm surprised, but that doesn't mean I have to like it. He tries to continue, but Buffy cuts him off with a hand gesture. It's not the one I would have chosen, but it shuts him up, so it can stay. He leaves. She looks sad. She unwraps the object of her errand, which is Faith's knife. I knew we hadn't seen the last of it.

Courtyard. Ceremonial music plays as the kids file in to their seats. Buffy sits next to an empty chair. Snyder congratulates the kids, and tells them to sit still and shut up. He orders Xander to "spit out that gum," and introduces the Mayor. In the same direction, though not clearly to Xander, Snyder says, "I saw that gesture. You see me after graduation." Heh. I can just imagine Snyder's head, blown from his body, lecturing the kid: "I may be dead and eaten, but I'm still the principal!" Willow and Oz rush to their seats, pretty clearly post-coital. The Mayor smiles and says that it's a special day, the town's centennial, but that he knows the kids are more focused on their graduation. Buffy gets a look of horror on her face: "He's gonna do the entire speech!" Willow: "Man, just ascend already." Hee. The Mayor darkly goes on that some people who should be there aren't. Blah blah blah journeys-are-about-change-cakes. He says that nothing will ever be the same, as the sun is eclipsed. He doubles over in pain. Characteristically, but hilariously, he tries to continue with his speech. Props to Mercedes McNab for looking discomfited but not surprised at the unfolding drama. The Mayor smilingly says that his destiny has begun. He laments not being able to finish his speech, but menaces, "I guess we'll just skip to the big finish." His skin turns green, and his face, with a lot of crunchy noises, busts out into that of a very large demon that looks like a combination of a serpent and a dragon. The effects are way better than those involving similar creatures from other episodes (Reptile Boy, Shadow). The Demon Mayor lets loose a high-pitched howl in front of a completely dark sky as people start to run.

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