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The Power Of Lurve

Over at Der Zauber Kasten, the joint is wrecked. Everything is smashed to pieces, and a small fire burns. The camera pans past a William Shatner book on the floor. Now I know where Cruella D'Will gets her dark powers! At this point, I smiled to myself, because I was thinking about how much I hate the Magic Box set and how much I hope this means we won't have to see it next season. Willow stands in front of the flames and snides, "That all you've got, Jeeves?" I sort of thought that Evil Snarky Willow might be fun, but she's not. She's just annoying and repetitive and one-note. Willow's so very smart and sensitive that I expected better, more sophisticated, snark from her. "Jeeves"? Whatever. Giles stands in front of her, looking drained. Instead of just destroying him at this point, Cruella D'Will talks. And talks. And talks. So much talking. It's a recapper's nightmare. More fighting, please! Is Dark Willow all just an excuse for Willow to flap her gums to her heart's content and force everyone around her to finally listen? Because I think some group therapy might have been an easier path to take. Giles says he's still able to hurt Willow, but she claims that nothing can. They exchange some deep thoughts on the nature of grief. No, actually, they don't. Willow just says that everything means nothing to her, and Giles chides her for thinking that all her remaining friends are meaningless. "I wonder what Tara would say about that," he finishes. I've been wondering when someone would try this approach, and I'm a little disappointed to see that it has no effect. Willow tries to blast Giles, but Buffy pulls him out of the way at the last moment. The mezzanine goes crashing to the floor, just missing Buffy and Giles. Oh, no! More talking. Willow scoops up a ball of flames; she tells Buffy she's going to sic it on Jonathan and "the other one." The fiery ball will find and bury the Dim Duo, along with anyone who's with them. Cruella D'Will talks and talks and talks. She sends the fiery ball out through the roof, and Buffy has to leave Giles and run so that she can save the nerds, as well as Dawn and Xander.

Willow talks and talks and talks. Giles is a hypocrite. Giles is using borrowed magic. Blah. Blah. Blah. Blah. Kill her, Giles. It's the only thing that will shut her up! We see that Cruella D'Will has Giles affixed to the ceiling. She then frees him, and he drops right onto his face. Blah blah. Giles is jealous. She slams him to the ground; blah blah, he's envious of her power. Giles gets slammed around some more, and then he finally blasts her a good one. Willow's rather shocked that he managed to slow her down; Giles, slowly pulling himself up off the floor, explains that Willow's power is draining. She's been expending too much of her mystical energy talking. Cruella D'Will says to Giles, "Blah blah blah," which is exactly what Sep and I have been saying to her for the past few hours. She decides she needs a "pick-me-up" and, slamming her hand to Giles's chest, she sucks out all of his borrowed powers. Willow staggers against the counter and she's all like, "Trippy, dude." Her vision goes blurry, and she blathers on and on and on about how much power she has. SOMEBODY SHUT WILLOW UP! I could find it in my heart to forgive her for killing Warren, but I will never, ever forgive her for subjecting me to this excruciating blather! She's all excited until she realizes she can feel "all the emotion, all the pain" of everyone in the world. All the pain you're causing with your endless yammering, Willow. Plus, whatever. Being a junkie means you feel the world's pain. Nice self-aggrandizement there, Mutant Enemy. Giles tells her she can "stop it," but Willow misinterprets that just a little. She clambers to her feet and says, "I'll make it go away. Oh, you poor bastards. Your suffering has to end!" Yes, please! Does that mean the episode is over now? So, basically, Cruella D'Will feels the entire world's pain and thusly decides to kill everyone. Why didn't Jesus think of that? She teleports outta there. Giles lies on the floor, broken.

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