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The Power Of Lurve

Xander, Dawn, Jonathan, and Andrew are in a graveyard. Xander is ow-ow-ow-ing as he tries to kick in a crypt door. Andrew bitches about Xander's plan to hide in the graveyard, and Xander bitches about unappreciative social retards. I will not make a joke about some of the hate mail I receive at my TWoP account. Dawn tries to get Xander's attention so that he notices the fiery comet heading their way. Everyone stands and stares, and then we see Buffy running towards them. She tells everyone to get out of the way and manages to knock the Dim Duo down. The comet slams deep into the ground. Suddenly the ground gives way beneath Dawn, and she falls through a hole into a cave below. Buffy reaches for her and ends up falling in after her. The Dim Duo's swords fall in after Buffy and Dawn. The space they've fallen into has a gravel floor, and tree roots and coffins protrude from the walls. Buffy and Dawn look around. And look. And look. Streeeetch this episode out, guys. Up above, Jonathan and Andrew peer into the hole, look and look, and then notice Xander nearby, knocked unconscious. The Dim Duo decides to make a run for Mexico.

Der Zauber Kasten. Anya has finally regained consciousness, and she wanders out into the store. She spots Giles lying on the floor and runs to his side. She frantically apologizes for freeing Willow. Giles murmurs, "I can see," and Anya, confused, replies, "Oh! It's a -- miracle." Giles clarifies that he can see Cruella D'Will; he knows her location and can sense her plan. Anya tells him he needs to rest; Giles swallows and tells her, "Silly girl. I'm dying." Anya does a double-take and refuses to believe him. I refuse to believe him. If those bastards brought Giles back only to kill him, I won't be responsible for my actions. Mutant Enemy might find an angry Ace out for vengeance on their doorstep. And Angry Ace makes Dark Willow look about as menacing as a tiny, fluffy kitten. Plus, Angry Ace talks less. Giles explains that he thought Willow taking the magic from him would give them a chance. Seems he was wrong, though, because now Willow is ready to finish the world. If that's what it takes for this episode to end, I'm willing to go along with it.

The sun rises. Buffy tries to climb up some roots to get out of the cave she and Dawn have fallen into. Dawn suggests that perhaps they could find a nearby tunnel to Spike's crypt, but Buffy is calling for Xander and totally ignores her sister's suggestion. Then Buffy says Spike's crypt is the last place she wants to be, and Dawn gets into her head-bobbin', hard-voiced mode and sneers, "It was good enough to take me there after what he did to you?" Lay off, Dawn. Buffy realizes that Xander spilled the sexual-assault beans and tells Dawn she wasn't on a need-to-know basis for that information. But y'know what? She was, because she's Buffy's sister and because of her stupid little crush on Spike, so I'm still happy that Xander told her. Dawn insists that she's old enough to hear these things; people are dying, and Buffy really can't protect her from the realities of life in Sunnydale. Buffy is about to say something, but they're interrupted by the newly conscious Xander. He manages to knock some dirt free onto their heads and then says he'll look around for something to help them get out. Suddenly Anya teleports into the cave and exclaims, "Holy frijole!" Can't Anya teleport herself to a hardware store to fetch some rope? Xander comes back to the lip of the hole to hear what she has to say. Buffy demands to know where Giles is; Dawn flounces in time-honored teen fashion when she finds out she wasn't told about Giles's return. Anya explains that Giles wasn't able to stop Willow, and that Willow has for some inexplicable reason decided to end the world using the Satanic temple on Kingman's Bluff. "There's no temple on Kingman's Bluff," says Buffy.

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