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The Power Of Lurve

At Der Zauber Kasten, Anya sits sadly, with her head in her hands. Then Giles sits up, and Anya excitedly rushes to him, hugging him close (kiss kiss kiss!). She asks why they're still alive; Giles explains that Willow has been stopped. Anya wonders if the witch is dead, but Giles says, "The magic she took from me -- it did what I'd hoped it would do." Anya is delighted when she figures out that Giles purposely "dosed" Willow with his magic. Apparently, the magic given to him by the coven carried the "true essence" of magic, in contrast to Willow's, which "came from a place of rage and power." What's wrong with that? It's where I get all my best material. Anya adds "vengeance" to that list. Turns out that the magic Giles gave her "tapped into the spark of humanity [Willow] had left" and helped her to feel again. Because of this, Xander could "reach her." Anya, her face enticingly close to Giles's, is surprised to hear that Xander was involved, and Giles says that Xander saved them all. Anya and Giles make out, because danger and near-death make you all sexy like that. Okay, not really, but I know I wasn't the only one thinking it!

Buffy and Dawn. Cave. Buffy wanders about, confused, and then slowly sits on one of the coffins. Dawn, who has taken a break to apply fresh, shiny lip gloss, muses that the conflict is over and the world still exists; Buffy bursts into tears. Dawn's face sets in anger and she snides, "Sorry to disappoint you." Then she pauses and wonders if Buffy is actually caught up in "happy crying." Buffy assures her sister that she didn't want the world to end. She then says she's sorry, and hugs Dawn close. Buffy admits she knows that things have "sucked lately," but now she truly sees Dawn and things are going to change. I feel like they're talking directly to me, and I don't believe a word of it. Buffy promises that things will be different, and she wants to be there. And she means it this time, unlike the previous eighty-seven times she's said it. She wants to see her friends happy and see Dawn grow up into a beautiful, powerful woman. Buffy really hasn't been paying attention if she hasn't noticed that Dawn is already quite the woman. Who's doing the laundry? Shouldn't Buffy have noticed that Dawn's bra size already exceeds hers by, like, three cups? Buffy turns away and says she shouldn't protect Dawn from the world; instead, she should show it to her. They hug again.

Sunny daylight. Buffy's hand reaches up out of the hole and digs into the grass. Once again, she's clawing her way out of the grave, but this time it's happy! Buffy pulls herself out and gives Dawn an arm up. They pant, and Buffy's face is suffused with joy.

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