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A Match Made In Sunnydale

Sunnydale street. It's still raining. An older man in an overcoat suddenly appears, wreathed in flames. He looks around him, then unfurls his umbrella and walks off.

Those Sonic the Hedgehog commercials with the real hedgehogs? Love them! But not enough to actually start playing videogames, so I guess that's failed marketing. Those commercials for the new UPN show As If? Hate them! But I actually did watch the premiere. So I guess that's successful marketing. Awful, I know. I'd have been better off with the videogames, I'm sure.

Buffy and Xander are in a room at the Bison Lodge now, I think. Buffy is wearing Xander's tuxedo coat and is trying to squish him into his cummerbund. Don't those things have a really long, adjustable strap? I thought so. Anyway, Xander worries that Buffy won't be able to make the cummerbund fit. "And then the whole world can see the place where my pants meet my shirt!" he exclaims, which makes me giggle, because I'd never seen cummerbunds in that light before. "I must wear das cummerbund," he insists, and Buffy finally gets it snapped, or buckled, or tied, or however these things are attached. He turns around, and she starts fiddling with his bow tie as she tells him how great he looks. She observes that he's "glowy," and then mocks, "Oh my god! Maybe you're pregnant!" Ha. Not. Don't even joke about it, Buffy. After all, if vampires can sire and bear children in the Jossverse, what's to stop men from doing it next? Xander suggests that he's happy, and Buffy gets all sniffly and happy for him. And of course, being Buffy, being happy for someone else also includes being happy for herself. She tells him that he and Anya give her hope "that there's light at the end of this very long, long nasty tunnel." I'm not sure how to interpret this, really. Xander and Anya give her hope of being happy, after her long depression and alienation subsequent to being yanked out of Hea-ven? Fine. But if she's saying Xander and Anya give her hope that she'll still find someone to marry, then I'd say she's being a twit. Because she has bigger fish to fry, like getting into therapy and dealing with everyday life, than relationship carp -- er, "crap." Am I babbling? I guess I'm cranky because I felt like I was expected to switch gears suddenly here, and instead of thinking of Buffy as someone involved in a huge existential crisis, I'm just supposed to think of her as a girl who has been a bit down because she's having trouble finding a long-term relationship. At twenty. But enough about me? Right. Buffy tells Xander she can't do anything with his tie and wonders where Willow, the best man, is during the dressing of the groom. Apparently Willow had more important things to do.

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