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Hell's Bells

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A Match Made In Sunnydale

Shut up, As If! Shut up, shut up, SHUT UP!

Back from commercials, Overcoat Oldster breaks it down for Anya. Apparently, back in 1914, she was called to exact vengeance on him and sent him to be tortured in another dimension. "Every day I thought about how I would somehow get here and ruin your life like you ruined mine." Hold up, there. How did you get here, buddy? Does Greyhound have a Hell/Sunnydale line? And while Anya did curse you, she cursed you for being a philanderer. Granted, the punishment may not fit the crime, but don't stand there all righteous and green pretending like you were utterly blameless in the whole thing. Overcoat Oldster expositions that he frightened Xander away easily, with a "couple of phony visions." Anya breaks down in tears, and Overcoat Oldster revels in her pain. But then he decides that Anya in emotional pain isn't enough, and Anya should physically suffer as well, so he slashes at her with his claws and knocks her down to the ground. He's ready to really give her something to cry about, but -- oops! Buffy's noticed the fracas and has made her way over to defend the one getting picked on. Or, I should say, the one getting picked on who is also in the credits, because Buffy doesn't do a fat lot of anything for all the people in the huge brawl behind her.

Buffy rips the bottom of her dress to allow her more freedom of movement. Oh, don't do that, Buffy! Now you'll never be able to wear it again later. Overcoat Oldster gets Anya in a headlock, and at that moment Xander returns. Buffy deals with the demon while Anya tries to explain that it's all been a huge, wacky, Sunnydale-style misunderstanding. Xander still seems troubled. Buffy is in the midst of dispatching the demon, aided by the bridal veil from atop the stuffed bison, when Xander breaks in to administer a hearty whack with a decorative pillar. He finishes by smashing the pillar down hard on what we are to assume is the demon's head, although though the next long shot shows it to be intact. "It's dead," observes Xander. "Yup," agrees Buffy. Friends and family are united in their cheers, but I feel a little strange that they just up and killed an unarmed demon, who wasn't even a very effective fighter despite being about nine feet tall. When the body doesn't do them the favor of disappearing, Willow suggests that they cover it with flowers. Heh. Mr. Harris, always with the wonderful timing, insists that he's not paying for the damages, and it's the fault of all the "FREAKS!" A rematch of the earlier brawl looks imminent, but Anya tells everyone to sit down and shut up, because it's time for the freakin' wedding.

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