Buffy the Vampire Slayer

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Alex Richmond: D+ | 1 USERS: C+
She's gonna die. Believe it.

Buffy and the gang sit sadly around the living room. Azura's mom told them that the family has a history of "heart irregularities." Willow says that if Azura didn't know, "then it was fate." Xander tells Buffy that it didn't matter what she did. Buffy says she "failed [Azura]." Dawn says, "Unh-uh. She died because of her heart. Not because of [Buffy]...sometimes you can't help." Buffy says, "So what then. What do you do when you know that. When you know maybe, you can't help." Hey -- that doesn't mean you stop trying, missy! Just because you feel helpless and impotent doesn't mean you are every second of every day. Yes, life is tough, but there's puppies and chocolate and love and...okay, it's bleak, but I'm not a fucking cheerleader. So yeah.

Monday. Buffy is in her office. Students walk by. Buffy sits at her desk. Loud silence.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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