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She's gonna die. Believe it.

Oh great, the basement. Spike sits alone in shadow. He won't respond to Buffy, even after she snaps her fingers in his face. She asks him, annoyed, what he's doing. Why would you ask a crazy person what they're doing? He's sitting there catatonically! That's it. He's nutty and crazy and motionless. The end. Don't give him a chance to put some kind of spin on it. It's not like you came all the way down there to see how he's doing -- you need something from him. Just get to the point, Buffy The Counselor And Fun Show Killer. Spike says that if he doesn't move or think or listen to the voices, he won't hurt, much. Yes, and if you don't watch this episode, Buffy fans won't hurt much, either. Heed me! Buffy asks him to help, and says that Azura is in trouble -- is something evil in the school, down here, maybe? Spike sits in profile, barely lit and glowing blue. He has a bleached mini-fro. He says, "Yes, there's evil down here. William's a baaad man. [He] hurt the girl." He punches himself a few times. Buffy asks him what he did. He hurt you, Buffy -- don't you remember? She turns to leave; Spike asks her to stay and help him be quiet. She says she thinks it's worse when she's there. No, it's worse when Spike's on camera, overacting and shit.

Locker search time. Doofus walks by, and Buffy stops him. He looks upset. Does he get upset a lot? He's pissed that he got a B on his test. Wow, Azura said he was going to get a B! Are you getting that everything Azura says comes true? Oh m'god! That means she's gonna D-I-E if someone doesn't do something! Or maybe...just maybe...there's nothing anyone can do! Dude! Not cool! Doofus realizes that Buffy is Dawn's sister, and mentions that he was thinking of asking Dawn to the dance "if [Azura] won't budge." Buffy sees that he isn't all mad at Azura, but then changes gears to get all bitter that Dawn is his "second choice!" Some coins fall out of a searched locker, and Buffy dismisses Doofus to investigate. She takes note of the locker number.

Buffy's office. She stares down a dork. She wants to know what the coins are and what they have to do with Azura. Oh, the dork doesn't know. Can he go now -- he doesn't want to miss his bus. Buffy threatens him with bodily harm if he doesn't 'fess up. Dork says some guys he know want to mess with the "weirdo poet girl." Some guys in robes? You don't say.

School's out. Dawn offers to walk Azura home. Azura says it's kind of far. Dawn says, "Far is good!" Azura says she knows Buffy told Dawn "about [her]." Dawn says she wanted to be friends, and Azura says they are friends. Aww! Friends with a very short shelf life. Like soft cheeses. The jarhead guy calls out, "Summers!" Azura tells Dawn, "Anything that happens now is not your fault." Whuh? Jarhead wants to know if anyone has asked Dawn to the winter formal. She bites her lip. Um, no! Well, he was just taking a poll. He cackles and walks away. Dawn says, "That guy is such an ass," but she's speaking to the wind. Azura's gone.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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