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Mr. Pitt gives Team Sprockets an order to fire on the shack as Buffy and the demon continue to fight. They're wrestling for the gun when a grenade flies in and lands on the floor. Buffy grabs Cordy and pulls her through a window. The demon tries to go through another one, but it's shuttered tight, and the charge detonates. Demon flambé. The girls make for the library as Team Sprockets pursues them.

Cut to said library, where Mr. and Mrs. Gorch await Buffy. Mrs. Gorch says she wants to kill Buffy as a "wedding present for what happened to your poor brother." Gorch says Buffy will show, because they have her Watcher. Pan down to Giles, lying facedown on the floor. You know, with everything that's happened on this show, they really should have found a way to vampire-proof at least the library, if not the entire school.

Mr. Pitt tells Mr. Trick that the Slayers are on the move, and Trick is impressed with their survival abilities. There's a knock at the door, and Trick answers to find three policemen, who grab him and take him away. That didn't seem quite right to me until I realized that they were probably vampires as well.

Buffy and Cordy walk into the library. Mrs. Gorch immediately attacks Buffy. They fight, and Cordy throws the spatula to Buffy as Mrs. Gorch picks up a wooden beam. They both attack. Mrs. Gorch hits Buffy in the face and knocks her out, but as she drops the beam, we see the spatula handle firmly imbedded in her heart. Gorch yells, "Candy!" but she's dust. He threatens to kill them both, but Cordy pretends she's Faith and gets in his face, giving him a speech that amounts to the "The question you gotta ask yourself: Are you feelin' lucky?" bit from Dirty Harry. Gorch bails as Giles regains consciousness. Cordy smiles, satisfied.

A bit later, Buffy's awake again. Buffy and Cordy are getting along better. Cordy mentions the corsages, and Giles says they weren't included with the limo. Buffy quickly realizes that Team Sprockets is tracking them through the corsages. They hear Team Sprockets enter the school. Cordy gives her corsage to Buffy, and Buffy asks Giles for some wet toilet paper. Ew.

As Team Sprockets approaches the library, Buffy runs out. They shoot at her and miss. Mr. Pitt gives them directions as they split up; one's in a classroom, the other's in the hall. As the one in the classroom turns around to position himself, Buffy rises from a hiding spot in the corner. She throws the toilet paper, which ostensibly contains the corsages, onto his back, where it sticks. Pitt gives them new coordinates. The one in the hall starts firing, and the one in the classroom returns the favor. They kill each other. It's pretty hackneyed, but still strangely satisfying. The targets blink out, and Mr. Pitt says to himself, "I won!" Yeah, if by "won" you mean "completely got your ass kicked."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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