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BitchFest '98

City Hall. The officers show Mr. Trick into the Mayor's office. The Mayor makes it clear that he knows all about Mr. Trick, SlayerFest, and so on. He tells Mr. Trick that he likes things to run smoothly, and that it's an important year for him. "Election year?" asks Mr. Trick. The Mayor: "Something like that." Ah, Foreshadowing, my old friend. You'll keep me company now that my Bitch-O-Meter is among the dearly departed, won't you? Apparently the answer is yes, as the Mayor continues with the foreshadowing: "Children are our future; we need them. I need them." Yeah, to become "Happy Meals with legs," as Spike said in "Becoming Part Two." Trick thinks the Mayor wants him to leave town, but the Mayor in fact wants him on his team. Mr. Trick: "What if I don't want to be a part of the team?" The Mayor, his tone dropping a bit: "Oh, no. That won't be an issue." Trick doesn't say anything, but his expression changes just enough to tell us that he knows who's boss. The Mayor continues, "See, you and I are going to get along very well." He opens a silver box on his desk and offers, "Moist towelette?" That is the biggest shout-out to Sars I've ever seen.

Devon is starting to announce the Homecoming Queen winner, and the gang is nervous until Buffy and Cordy show up, still dirty and disheveled. They briefly explain what happened, and Buffy says, "Tell you one thing, though. You don't want to mess with Cordelia." Xander laughs nervously as he pictures Cordy wearing his balls for earrings. Yes, I got that from Creepshow. I'm old. Devon's taking longer to read the name than Ryan Seacrest. Cordy says to Buffy, "After all that we've been through tonight, this whole who-gets-to-be-Queen-capade seems pretty" -- Buffy: "Damn important." Cordy: "Oh yeah." Heh. Devon announces that they have a tie, as the camera zooms in on Cordy and Buffy, who look at each other. The winners are -- Holly and Michelle! They come barreling through. Cordy and Buffy look at each other in disgust (but not for each other) and walk out together as one of the winners chokes, "I promised myself I wasn't gonna cry!" Cordy even does an eye-roll worthy of Dana Scully. Bitch-tastic! Thanks, David Greenwalt!

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