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It's nighttime now and the camera focuses on the clock tower so we know the scary stuff is going to start soon. The door to the tower opens and we see two sets of feet floating out. Pairs of Gentlemen float across town, accompanied by shambling loony lackeys in shredded straight-jackets and the soundtrack from any Tim Burton movie. ["Off-screen, Danny Elfman taps his foot and waits for his check to arrive." -- Sars] With their bald heads and somber frock coats, the Gentlemen remind me of something from a Charles Addams cartoon. Not the TV show The Addams Family, mind you, but the actual cartoons which inspired it.

At the Lusty Librarian Lair, something wakes Olivia and she pulls on a gorgeous blue velvet bathrobe and makes her way downstairs. I start sniveling at this point with the fear and anticipation that a diet of eighties horror movies instills. In the living room, Olivia herself looks vaguely apprehensive as she walks to the window and pulls back the curtain. She sees one of the Gentlemen silently floating by across the street. This makes her squint harder and suddenly one of the Gentlemen floats by looking right at her -- mere inches away separated only by a thin sheet of glass!! She tries to scream but without a voice the noise resembles a remarkably sharp intake of breath. I have to admit that even though I know it's coming, this scene still makes me jump every time.

More shots of the Gentlemen floating around town and scaring me. One floats towards a house with a white picket fence and another pair enters Buffy and Willow's dorm. They cruise down the halls, gesturing elegantly with their hands and grinning all the while. One of the Gentlemen indicates a door, but then waves his finger in a "no" gesture. Their Igor-like henchmen creep along behind them. Willow and Buffy are soundly sleeping in their beds. The tension mounts as the Gentlemen pass by a number of doors. The Gentlemen who seems to be the leader finally finds a door that meets his approval, and he gestures towards it with a classy hand-wave and nods his head. Inside, a college boy in flannel pajamas is asleep but wakes upon hearing a knock on his door. He opens the door to find the two Gentlemen, still grinning madly. The student's eyes bug out and he attempts to yell as he is grabbed by the lackeys and held down on the bed. He continues in vain to try to scream as the Gentlemen slowly draw a scalpel out of a black doctor's bag and then bend over to cut into him with a squishing sound.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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