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Gap commercial. Cutting the heart of individuality right out of the American people. I'd scream, but nobody can hear.

Back at the clock tower, the lead Gentleman places a jar containing a human heart on a table. There seem to be quite a few similar jars already on the table. The Gentleman turns to his colleagues and gestures, "Ta da!" The other Gentlemen make appreciative faces, clap politely, and grin congratulations at each other. The lead Gentleman waves his hands in a modest "no, no, it was nothing" gesture.

Buffy walks determinedly down a hall in her dorm. All around her distressed students cry and comfort each other. She spots a man in an official-looking wind-breaker shooing students away from a dorm room and she slips in behind his back. She looks horrified and the camera pulls back to show us the flannel-clad legs of the boy who earlier lost his heart.

At the Ex-Watcher's Tower, Giles fetches the morning paper while Olivia works on a pencil sketch of the Gentleman she saw the night before. Giles looks at a headline that reads "Brutal Slaying Shocks Silent Community" and comes over to view Olivia's drawing. I'm impressed with Olivia's use of shading. Something in the picture and in another headline about a girl found with her heart missing gives Giles an inspiration. He walks quickly across the room and pulls a large volume of fairy tales off a shelf.

On campus, the gang gathers in Buffy and Will's Psych classroom. Giles seems to be reliving his college days as he has an overhead projector and tape player set up. He starts the tape deck playing the Danse Macabre and cracks his knuckles before placing the first transparency on the overhead projector. Unfortunately, he's placed it wrong side up, and Buffy and Willow point at the screen. The whole overhead motif cracks me up because I recall endless hours of lectures in college featuring overheads. In fact, I still see the professors in my department making numerous transparencies in the copy room. Anya sits a row further back, munching on popcorn like she's settled in for the Friday-night movie. Giles flips the transparency, which reads, "Who are the Gentlemen?" The next one reads "They are fairy tale monsters" and features a funny cartoon of a Gentleman. "What do they want?" reads the next screen and Willow, ever the good student, enthusiastically raises her hand and then gestures at her chest. Xander looks confused and mouths, "Boobies?" while making a weighing gesture with his hands. Buffy and Willow glare at him and then direct his attention to the current overhead, which reads, "Hearts." Anya is still munching popcorn and appears to be having a great time. Giles runs through a number of overheads that explain that the Gentlemen come to a town and steal all the voices, then shows two overheads in a row that feature gory cartoon drawings of the Gentlemen gleefully removing hearts. Buffy and Willow exchange nonplused glances, but Anya appears unruffled. Xander holds up a message board that reads, "How do we kill them?" and Buffy makes a stabbing up-and-down motion. The whole gang looks at her uncomfortably, thinking she's extolling the virtues of onanism. She rolls her eyes, draws a stake out of her bag, and repeats the gesture. The gang looks relieved. Giles has transparencies that explain that normal weapons can't kill the Gentlemen, but that once a princess did kill them by screaming. Willow gets very excited and pulls a CD out of her bag, but Giles indicates that the screaming voice cannot be recorded. Buffy writes, "How do I get my voice back?" on her white board and Giles shrugs elaborately. He puts up an overhead that reads "Buffy will patrol tonight" and has a cartoon drawing of Buffy holding a bow and arrows. Buffy looks shocked and gestures at her hips, indicating that they are much narrower than the ones on Giles's drawing. I dunno, it seems Giles dresses cartoon Buffy much better than Buffy dresses real Buffy. The gang comes up to the front of the room and Buffy inspects one of Giles's cartoons of a Gentleman.

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