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So what's this "internet" of which you speak?

Buffy and Xander enter Willow's house, but she's gone. Buffy reads the mail from Malcolm, which is now inexplicably displayed on the screen. Umpteen plus three. Xander guesses that CRD is "Moloch Central," and they head for it.

Giles suspiciously asks Miss Calendar how she knows, but she says there have been portents for days. "You should see the bones I've been casting." If you say so. She speculates on which demon it is, and on being told it's Moloch, is freaked. He's still suspicious, and they manage to find a way to continue their tired argument about technology. Giles asks if she's a witch, but she says she doesn't have that kind of power. "'Technopagan' is the term. There are more of us than you'd think." I actually don't mind Miss Calendar, but I know this will make Sars happy, so I'll paraphrase Bring It On: "Technopagan this, tool." Giles, however, is encouraged, and they start to discuss how to proceed when the phone rings. It's Buffy, calling from outside CRD. She fills him in. He says that he and Miss Calendar are working on the ritual. Buffy: "Here's a tip. Hurry." Hee. That line always cracks me up.

Willow regains consciousness in the lab. She looks around, and focuses on a computer screen. Moloch starts to tell her how good it is to see her. A metal hand hits the monitor, and we pan up to see a metal robot likeness of Moloch, who finishes, "With my own two eyes."

Moloch says Willow's name. Virgin Boy and some lab-coat guy are in the room. Moloch starts on a very boring blather about how he can see everything, and that the world flows through him. I'm surprised he hasn't committed hara-kiri with all the spam he must be getting. Hee. Spam spam spam spam. I love Monty Python's Flying Circus. He says that nothing compares to having form again, and grabs Virgin Boy by the head. Virgin Boy looks like he's in ecstasy. Moloch snaps his neck. He didn't even ask him if he loved him! I can't make head or tail of this guy.

Buffy and Xander hop the fence. They break in the back entrance. Moloch: "Here they come." Boring.

Miss Calendar lights some candles. I think Giles is hot too, but don't you have a demon to take care of? Oh, the candles are for the ritual. My mistake. She says they have to form the Circle of Kayless. He doesn't know how they can do that, but she says it has to be done inside the internet. She sends out a message to some other friendly neighborhood technopagans. Giles wonders if Moloch will shut them down, but Miss Calendar says she thinks he won't know what they're doing. Umpteen plus four.

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