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So what's this "internet" of which you speak?

Buffy, Xander, and Willow open a double door, but close it upon seeing three CRD employees rushing at them. I think they could have taken them, but whatever. Maybe one of them had a gun. Xander tries to lead them another way, but Moloch busts through the concrete wall. He smacks Xander to the ground, then does the same to Buffy. He snarls about how he was omnipotent. He advances on Buffy, but Willow calls his name: "Remember me, your girlfriend?" She smacks him with a fire extinguisher. "I think it's time we broke up." SMACK! "But maybe we can still be friends!" I like spunky Willow. She tries to hit him again, but he throws her down the hallway, where she and Xander collapse in a heap. Buffy looks around desperately, and sees an electrical conduit. Moloch: "This body's all I have left. But it's still enough to crush you." Buffy slides in front of the conduit and tells him to take his best shot. He swings, she ducks, he fries. Buffy goes to shield Willow and Xander as Moloch explodes. His head lands right in front of them. Willow grins.

Later, Giles stops by to see Miss Calendar. They find yet another way to resume their tired discussion. It's completely dated, so I refuse to recap it. Oh, and she grotesquely flirts with him. I refuse to recap that either.

Buffy and Xander try to cheer Willow up. She's still glum. She points out that the one boy who's ever liked her was a demon robot. Girl, we've all been there...if figuratively. She wonders what that says about her, but Buffy says it doesn't say anything, and points out that her own love interest is a vampire. Xander chimes in that he liked a big praying mantis ["dude, don't remind me" -- Sars], and Willow cheers up. Buffy: "Let's face it. None of us is ever going to have a happy, normal relationship." Xander: "We're doomed." Boy, do y'all not know the half of it. They laugh, but as they consider what they said, their faces fall. Hee.

The end. Some good lines, but talk about an episode that didn't age well. It gets the David Boreanaz award.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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