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So what's this "internet" of which you speak?

Buffy walks into the computer lab. She tries to get Dave's attention, but he doesn't answer until she touches his shoulder. He jumps, and asks what she wants. He looks a little strung out. Buffy asks him if it's possible for her to find out any information about someone that emailed her. Dave says she could pull up his user profile, but Buffy points out that the user profile is written by the user. And this from the girl who didn't know what "online" meant. I know I said I wouldn't say anything. I lied. Sure, sue me -- all my info's in my user profile. Buffy asks if it's possible to find the location of the computer from where the e-mail was sent. Dave says that it's a challenge, but smiles like he thinks Buffy's hot enough to give it a try. However, when Buffy mentions that she wants to find Willow's boyfriend, Dave goes cold and tells her it's none of her business. Buffy misreads him, and with a big smile asks if he's Malcolm. He says no, however, and her face falls. She wants to know what's going on, but he dismisses her: "I've got work to do." Buffy: "So do I." She walks out, passing Fritz, who looks concerned.

Buffy tells Giles about how jumpy Dave and Fritz are. Giles: "Those boys aren't sparklingly normal as it is." Hee. Buffy presses on, but Giles says he doesn't know how to advise her in matters of the computer. He finally suggests that she follow Dave. She sniffs that she's not going around in dark glasses and a trench coat, and that she can work out this problem herself.

Dave runs to his car. Buffy watches, in dark glasses and a trench coat. She peers over the glasses with a hilarious determined expression. It looks like a bad spy movie. That's funny. Cut to an office building. Dave pulls up. We see a sign that says, "CRD." A security guard keeps watch. Dave talks to someone in a lab coat, and they go inside. Buffy observes this. So she can keep up with a car? It did look like kind of a lemon, I'll grant. A surveillance camera swivels around and captures Buffy's image. It shows up on Fritz's computer. He says she's too close, and asks what he should do. On screen, the answer pops up: "Kill her." Fritz: "Party." Loser.

Library. Buffy tells Giles that Dave is into something big. Buffy tells them the name of the place, and Xander identifies it as a computer-research lab that went out of business several months earlier. They give him a look. Xander: "What, I can't have information sometimes?" Giles: "It's just somewhat unprecedented." Hee. I'll say. Xander confesses that his uncle used to be a janitor there. Giles wonders if whatever's going on could be legit, but Xander says that if CRD had reopened, it would have been all over the news. Buffy: "Besides, I can just tell something's wrong. My spider-sense is tingling." Giles looks perplexed. Oh, come on, Giles; we know you used to have a life. Buffy explains that it's a "pop-culture reference." No. It's a culture reference. Giles: "Short of breaking into the place, I don't see..." Buffy: "Breaking in! Then this is a plan." Hee. Buffy just ran roughshod over Giles in the first season. Xander says he's in. Well, duh. If she asked him to take a quick trip to the fifth plane of hell, he'd be like, "Should I bring anything?" Giles: "A moment, please, of quiet reflection. I do not suggest that you illegally enter the" -- Miss Calendar enters -- "data into the file, so the book will be listed by title as well as author." Hee.

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