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So what's this "internet" of which you speak?

Miss Calendar says she just came to check on the new database. Mm-hmm. Giles and Jenny do their obligatory technology-based snark, and I'm really glad they started dating so we didn't have to keep hearing it. Miss Calendar takes note of the fact that Buffy and Xander are in the library again, and bless her for noticing a detail that eluded just about everyone else on the show. Buffy smiles nervously. Xander: "To read, makes our speaking English...good." RIF, kids. Don't end up like Xander. Buffy pulls Xander away. Giles calls out that they'll continue this conversation later, but Buffy says they're done. Someone's committing a felony tonight! On the way out, Buffy chastises Xander for his line. Xander says he panicked. Hee.

Willow and "Malcolm" IM each other. His messages are accompanied by a stodgy electronic voice, which doesn't seem like a selling point to me. They talk. It's boring. Willow asks if they should meet, and he says they should, soon. Willow mentions that Buffy doesn't understand their relationship. Malcolm: "Buffy just makes trouble. That's why she got kicked out of her old school." Willow expression falls, and she asks how he knew that. He says it's on Buffy's permanent record, but then backpedals and says that Willow must have told him. She lets it go, but it looks like some damage has been done. She signs off.

Giles and Miss Calendar fight. It's boring. Blah blah blah knowledge-shouldn't-be-hogged-by-a-bunch-of-white-guys-cakes. She insults his "musty old books," and he says they have a lot more to say than web pages do. I'm not getting involved, people. Why? Because I don't care. Miss Calendar opens the Moloch book, notes that it doesn't have much to say, and wonders if it's a diary. Giles closes the book, and scary music plays to tell us he recognizes Moloch. ASH's acting conveyed that too, but they couldn't leave things to chance, I suppose. Jerks. He covers well, saying it must be a diary, and starts to walk into his office, saying goodbye. Miss Calendar: "We were fighting." Giles, distractedly: "Must do it again sometime." Heh. And, please don't. He walks off. She looks perplexed.

Outside. Some nurse tells a male adult that some kid's record didn't say anything about being allergic to penicillin. Oh, that wacky Moloch! In taking over the world, he stops to make sure kids don't get their medication. How thoughtful. Dave accosts Buffy, and apologizes for the previous day, saying he hasn't been getting much sleep. Buffy tells him not to sweat it. He says that Willow was looking for her, and she asks if he knows where Willow is. He hesitates before telling her that she said she'd be in the girl's locker room. Buffy doesn't pick up on his pause, probably thinking it's just part of his normal weirdness, and leaves.

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