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So what's this "internet" of which you speak?

Buffy enters the creepy, deserted locker room, and walks around, calling Willow's name. We see a hand turn on one of the showers, and the camera pans back to reveal Fritz. Buffy hears the water, and wonders aloud if Willow's taking a shower. She sees the deserted shower, and inexplicably doesn't smell a rat, but goes to turn it off. We see that two electrical wires have been cut open and left near the shower entrance. Buffy blathers to herself about droughts, and turns off the shower. The water's just a couple inches from the wires when Dave appears out of nowhere and yells for her to get out. She looks down, and as the water reaches the wires, she leaps out of the shower, with a little help from the electricity. Dave runs off. Buffy sits up, and the camera pans down to show that her boots are smoking. Cool.

Dave enters the lab and turns on one of the computers. He says he can't do it. Malcolm says he promised, but Dave says that Buffy's not a threat to Malcolm. Yeah, if by "not a threat" you mean "the star of this show and so gonna kick his ass." Malcolm says the project's almost complete, and gives him that spiel from the beginning that he gave Carlo right before he snapped his neck. Dave tells him no. All the monitors in the room switch on, and Malcolm's electronic voice turns higher and faster. He pens a suicide note from Dave. You just can't win with this guy. You tell him you love him, he kills you. No love, still kills you. And by the way, how Heathers. "I love my dead geek son!" Dave looks scared, and starts walking toward the windows instead of, you know, the door. Fritz is in the corner, despite the fact that they showed that corner being empty about sixteen different times in this scene. And wouldn't Buffy check the computer lab before going to the library? The scene was creepy and all, but I just hate when the details are so off.

Buffy's back in the library. Xander says he's gonna kill Dave. More words he's gonna eat. Buffy defends Dave. Giles says that Buffy will be okay, but she would have been dead if she weren't the Slayer. Buffy: "Tell me the truth. How's my hair?" Xander: "It's great! It's your best hair ever." Heh. Buffy wonders why Dave would set her up, but Giles says he thinks he knows, and fills them in on Moloch. Let's sum up: Moloch was bound in the book; he's a seductive demon who lures people with impressionable minds to him with promises of knowledge and power. He was in the book, but now he's not, which means the book was read. Wow, this is going a lot faster. Xander: "You released Moloch?" Buffy: "Way to go!" Hee. Giles says he didn't read it, and he doesn't know who could have, since it wasn't in English. I thought he hadn't looked at it? ["I think the fan-wank here is something along the lines of Giles knowing generally what it contained, because he himself had ordered the book." -- Sars] Buffy realizes that it must have been scanned, and that Moloch must be in the internet. I suspend my disbelief for the umpteenth time this episode. Xander wonders what they can do. Giles says that Willow scanned him into her file, and suggests deleting it, but without much hope. Buffy gives it a shot. She asks which file it is, which seems kind of silly, since there's only one on the entire desktop. No applications, even. What's umpteen plus one? She tries to delete the "Willow" file, but gasps as Moloch's demonic image appears on the screen, telling them to stay away from Willow.

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