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So what's this "internet" of which you speak?

Buffy and Giles are very grave, and Xander wonders if they're overreacting. "He's in a computer! What can he do?" Buffy and Giles give him a remedial class in the uses of a computer, pointing out that Moloch could interfere with anything from medical equipment to traffic signals to launch codes. Giles continues that he could destroy the world's economy. Buffy: "I think I pretty much capped it with that nuclear missile thing." Giles: "Right. Yours was best." Heh. Buffy suggests they try to find Willow.

Buffy enters the computer lab. I appreciate suspense and all, but if she were being careful, wouldn't she look around the entire room before wandering in? Or maybe turn on the lights? Umpteen plus two. All the monitors in the room light up, startling her. She eventually backs into Dave, who appears to have hanged himself, although we know better. She's horrified.

Xander tries to call Willow, to no avail. Buffy returns to the library and tells him and Giles what happened. She goes into business mode, saying that she and Xander will go to Willow's house, while Giles will find a way to get Moloch out of the internet. Giles says he has records of the ceremonies, but that they're for a creature of the flesh. Buffy suggests he talk to Miss Calendar. He protests, but she tells him to shut up and deal. She and Xander leave. Giles looks like he's been sentenced to participate in a never-ending square dance.

Willow enters her house, calling for her parents, but there's no answer. Did she have any protection coming home from, say, the vampires that might have been around? I really wonder about this show sometimes. She enters her room, and her computer tells her she has mail. It's from Malcolm, telling her he needs her to see him. She shuts the power off, but a few seconds later, the message repeats and the monitor is back on, showing the "you have mail" graphic. Willow looks creeped out, but the doorbell rings. She opens the door, thinking her father has forgotten his keys, but there's no one there. She actually turns her back before closing the door, and Fritz takes the opportunity to chloroform her. Man. How did she survive on this show?

Giles researches as the radio tells of numerous computer-related malfunctions. For the trivia-happy among you, it's actually Joss Whedon's voice on the radio. Miss Calendar enters and says she got his message. He awkwardly tells her that he needs her help, but before they get to that, he has to tell her something that's kind of out there. He eventually just spills it that there's a demon in the internet. Miss Calendar: "I know." Oh, make the Brit sweat a little, why don't you -- it's so much fun!

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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