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Domo arigato, Buffy Roboto

Desert. Giles sits inside his circle and reads an incantation out of the book he brought. As he reads, we see Buffy walking. Some very sloppy editing attempts to create the illusion that a large puma appears where Buffy had just looked and seen nothing. The cat begins to pace through the desert, and Buffy follows. I have to admit, I sort of like the music playing in this scene, although it reminds me of the Gladiator score. Buffy follows the puma to a rock overlooking a vast, flat swath of desert, spotted with Joshua trees. "I know this place," she muses as she sits on the rock of Slayerly Navel-Gazing and scans the horizon.

Tara, Xander, Anya, and Dawn are at Xander's place. Tara finishes up a warning spell and then gets to blather some exposition about what a great witch Willow is and how her skills are really improving. Anya takes off her earrings and lays them on a side table. Talk about Anya and Xander patrolling in the background as we see Dawn get up and swipe Anya's earrings. Huh. She then asks the Scoobies about getting pizza, and we see that one of Glory's crusty minions is lurking outside the window.

Slow pan through Spike's crypt. Spike and the sexbot are lying together on the floor under a sheet. "You're evil," blathers the 'bot. "It excites me, it terrifies me. I try so hard to resist you and I can't. Darn your sinister attraction!" Right. Sinister. You already said that. "Are you afraid of me?" asks Spike. Um, yeah, covered that ground already. "Yes!" replies the Buffybot, with a huge and not-at-all-afraid grin. Spike, his hair all tousled and curly, whispers that he can't bite the 'bot, but she replies that he can if she lets him. And that she wants him to. He gently bites her neck and the 'bot burbles, "Spike, I can't help myself. I love you!" But then she ruins the mood by simpering, "Should I start this program over?" Spike is distressed and tells her to "just be Buffy." The 'bot grins like a sun-addled monkey. I have a little life advice for Spike that came to me in a conversation with Ace, in which we were discussing the best snack food in the entire known universe and probably all those new planets they just discovered as well: Pirate's Booty.

Sep: So there I was. At Trader Joe's, and boom. No Booty to be had. And you know my dedication to all things snack.
Ace: I feel your pain. The other night I was at TJ's and they had all these different kinds of Booty from Fruit Booty to Vegetable Booty, but not the Booty that I wanted.

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