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Killed By Death

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A Hellmouth On Elm Street

Buffy staggers around a corner, and happens upon Xander. She tells him they need to get to the basement. Scene. The director must have one expensive habit, I'm telling you. Think the last scene of Scarface.

Basement. The Kruegerstod walks along the passage down which Ryan led the kids. Farther along, the kids hide behind some equipment. Ryan tells the others they'll be safe, which is the Kruegerstod's cue to grab him from behind. The kids start screaming, and no one that sick should be able to scream that loud. Buffy and Xander come down the stairs. Xander asks if she knows how to kill the Kruegerstod. Buffy: "I thought I might try violence." See? If she can come up with jokes with a high fever, I should be able to too, right? I really want to try that now. As Buffy and Xander near the action, the Kruegerstod throws Ryan to the ground and kneels down. Two suction-cup-like things extend from its eyes and attach themselves to Ryan's forehead. Cordy, you only said, "Ew," whereas I think this actually deserved an "EWW!" Buffy starts a little fever-fu as Xander gets the kids out. He ducks his head back, and we get a couple of shots from his point of view, with Buffy landing techniques against an invisible opponent. I'll tell you this: a fight with one invisible participant is amusing. A fight where everyone's invisible? Ass. The Kruegerstod throws Buffy to the ground, and kneels down. His suction-eyes extend dramatically, but Buffy unceremoniously reaches up and snaps his neck. That always cracks me up for some reason. Xander approaches and leads Buffy away, asking, "You're not gonna yak on me, are you?" Don't pretend like you wouldn't like that, Xander.

Chez Summers. Joyce brings Buffy a sandwich and juice made just the way she likes them -- or so she thinks. As Buffy whines that she wanted chunky peanut butter and extra jelly, the camera pans over to show that Xander and Willow are there, Xander on the bed with Buffy and Willow in a large wicker chair, wrapped up in a blanket. Aw. Willow orders another drink, and Xander more cheesy chips. Joyce says he ate the last bag, but Xander corrects her that there's another one hidden behind the raisins. Joyce puts on a plastic face as says she's on it. She leaves. Xander: "Your mom's trying to bogart the cheesy chips. What's that all about?" Hee. "Bogart." I love that word. Joyce returns with some mail for Buffy. Buffy says it's from Ryan, and opens it. Joyce smiles that he drew Buffy a picture, but when she sees it's of a smiling blonde girl standing on top of a bloody demon with a broken neck, she manages, "How...nice." Hee. For the last time, scene!

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