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Killed By Death

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A Hellmouth On Elm Street

Later, again. They've had a lot of scene cuts for being in the same place the whole time, I'm noticing. The digital clock next to Buffy ticks 2:27. That's my mom's birthday. Shout-out? Actually, I don't know why I'm even mentioning that, since she doesn't read these recaps. And that's probably best for all concerned. A sweaty Buffy regains consciousness to find a little boy standing in her now-open doorway. That's never a good sign. He walks away, and is immediately pursued by a creature that's so obviously a Freddy Krueger rip-off that I won't hear arguments to the contrary, should they even exist. We learn later that its name is the Kindestod, but I'm just going to call it the far more fitting "Kruegerstod." Buffy's eyes go wide. She manages to get out of bed. Walking down the darkened hallway, she has a flashback to a much brighter corridor. We see what's presumably her eight-year-old self walking. The music they're playing is on the chapter menu of my DVD, and it's an excellent choice, as it's very creepy. She enters a brightly lit room, and approaches a white curtain. Yeesh.

Back in bed, Buffy wakes up again. The clock ticks 2:27 again, which I don't understand. Did she see the Kruegerstod while having a prophetic dream? If so, why did she need the fever? Anyway, she gets up again. We get the same shot of her walking down the dark hallway. She looks into a couple of rooms, wherein nothing fun is going on. As she continues, we see a nondescript man watching her from the shadows. Farther down, an orderly mutters about hating to lose the young ones, like, thanks, world-weary guy -- I'm sure losing anyone older is like Mardi Gras. She hears voices inside the room from which the dead kid was wheeled. Peeking in, she sees her doctor from earlier telling an older doctor, whom I last saw as George Costanza's Yankee boss on Seinfeld, that they need to "step back on the dosage." George Costanza's boss isn't having it, as the kids aren't responding to the normal treatment, and that an experimental course involving raising their temperature is the only way. Turning away, Buffy sees the boy from her dream and a little girl. Little Boy: "He comes at night. The grown-ups don't see him." Great, the Hellmouth's answer to Snuffleupagus. The boy continues that "he" was with the dead girl, and that he'll be back for them. Buffy asks who he means. "Death." Oh. Can't we have a unicorn or leprechaun or something equally ridiculous come prancing along right about now? I can't spin snark out of dead kids, people.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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