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A Hellmouth On Elm Street

Library. This episode has the most scene cuts of any I've ever recapped. Giles, peering over Willow's shoulder, notes that Dr. Backer has something of a "rap sheet." Aw, he's so cute when he uses jargon! Apparently he's been reprimanded for "controversial experiments," and has also faced a malpractice suit that was suddenly dropped. Sounds a lot like my recapping career. They wonder if they've found their man. And, scene. See what I mean? I feel like I'm watching Short Attention Span Theater.

Hospital. Dr. Backer is going over some numbers, then opens a refrigerator and makes a note on one of several test tubes contained therein. He cross-references something, and appears to have a breakthrough. Scene. Seriously.

Xander sits and waits, struggling not to fall asleep. Cordy arrives, and wordlessly plunks down some coffee and a bag of Krispy Kremes. She certainly knows the way to her man's heart. And if that's not a shout-out to Sep, I don't know what is. Scene. Did the director mainline cocaine before this was shot? I think Graham Norton would have spent more time on each scene.

Dr. Backer emerges from his office and walks toward the camera. As he passes a half-closed door, we see that Buffy is hiding behind it. Dr. Backer enters the sick kiddies' room, goes over to a blonde girl (I think it's a girl; it's hard to get a clear look), and injects something into her IV. He hears a hissing noise behind him, and then starts getting pummeled by an invisible assailant. The kids look on in horror as claw rips appear on his lab coat from which blood starts pouring. A shot of the wall shows a shadow of the Kruegerhand slashing at the doctor. Buffy gets to the door just as Dr. Backer comes flying into the hall. She rushes to his side, but gets knocked away by the invisible Kruegerstod, which drags Dr. Backer away by his hands. Wow. That scene lasted a full minute!

The next day, the Scoobs convene in Buffy's room. Giles says the dead girl's records showed that her condition was improving, but then suffered a sharp deterioration. Sounds like what happened to the current season after "Conversations With Dead People." ["Except that the show has thus far unmercifully refused to die." -- Sars] They tell her about Dr. Backer's record, but she disabuses them of the notion that he was the killer by telling them what she witnessed, and hands Ryan's drawing of the Kruegerstod to Giles. Willow asks if she saw it, but Buffy says it's invisible. Giles muses that the kids can see it, and Cordy points out that Buffy saw it the other night, and they're well on their way to figuring out the connection when they're interrupted by Joyce's arrival.

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