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A Hellmouth On Elm Street

She tells Buffy that the doctor gave her leave to take her home, but Buffy lies that she's not feeling well enough yet, and the others back her up. Joyce says she's going to talk to the doctor, and Cordy shuts the door behind her, like, just because you lack tact doesn't mean you have to lack subtlety as well, dear. Buffy assigns tasks: Giles will research the Kruegerstod, she'll search Backer's office, and Willow will help her decipher whatever it is she finds. Willow says she's good at medical stuff, as she and Xander used to play doctor all the time. Xander uncomfortably smiles, "No, she's being literal. She used to have all these medical volumes and diagnose me with stuff. I didn't have the heart to tell her she was playing it wrong." Willow: "Wrong? Why?" She turns to Buffy. "How did you play doctor?" Buffy shifts uncomfortably. "I...never have!" Cordy tops off this winsome exchange with a disbelieving throat-clear. Ha! Giles breaks up the fun and leaves with Xander and Cordy in tow. Giles says he's off to research the Kruegerstod, and Xander says he's on sentry duty. Giles is all, bye, but Xander says the research takes priority, and Cordy should go with him. Giles: "Why do I have to have...good thinking. I could do with a research assistant." Cordy: "Let's go, Tact Guy." Hee! I love seeing Giles hoisted by his own petard. That sounds naughty, doesn't it? No wonder I associated it with Giles.

Children's ward. Ryan peers out and sees the amusing security guard, then closes the door. Scene. Here we go again. By the way, Ryan's looking pretty good for a kid who's supposed to have had a high fever for days. The last time I had a fever that high, I lost fifteen pounds. Hmm. Maybe I should try that again. Anyone who gets a high fever, cough in my general direction.

Dr. Backer's office. Buffy and Willow enter and close the door. Willow's squicked by poking around a dead guy's things, and notes that he didn't even finish his coffee. She discovers some notes of his, and gives a Whatever Medical Explanation that Dr. Backer's experimental treatment was working, and that he was trying to help the kids. Buffy: "Until that thing stopped him." Scene. Sorry, but if I don't keep typing "scene," this recap will only be two pages long.

Library. Cordy asks Giles what a certain demon does, then another, then another. I'm reminded of Bart and Lisa asking, "Are we there yet?" In response to the same query yet again, Giles snaps, "It asks endless questions of those with whom it's supposed to be working so that nothing is getting done." Cordy: "Boy, there's a demon for everything!" And that's another shout-out. Giles wonders if they're wasting their time, as only a few people could have seen the demon. Cordy says it's not in the book she's looking in, a statement which is of course immediately contradicted when she closes it to reveal the Kruegerstod's visage on the cover. Later, Cordy, on the phone, says, "It's called Der Kindestod." Buffy: "Who is this?" I love doing that to people I know. They get so offended. Especially my sister. Buffy tries to get Cordy to put Giles on. Hee. Cordy snaps that the name means "child death," and that it kills by sucking the life out of kids, but afterward it appears that they died of illness. They realize that the children's ward is an all-you-can-eat deal for the Kruegerstod, and that it killed Backer because he was on his way to curing the kids. Giles comes out with a picture of the Kruegerstod feeding, which prompts Cordy to hand the phone off to Giles after a series of "ew"s.

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