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A Hellmouth On Elm Street

Giles asks if Buffy's still there. Buffy: "Hanging on every 'ew.'" Heh. Giles explains that the Kruegerstod sits on top of its prey, pinning it, then slowly draws the life out of him or her. Time for another overexposed flashback. Buffy enters Celia's curtain again. This time, however, Celia starts screaming, and holds up her hands. Buffy says she doesn't know what to do, then yells for help. Celia continues to scream, and her cries echo through the empty hallway. Yikes. That's pretty scary, I must admit. But is the only reason the Kruegerstod feeds on sick kids to cover its tracks? That seems like maybe just a touch of overkill for a demon that's, you know, INVISIBLE AND ALL. Giles asks what's wrong, but Willow, observing Buffy's near-catatonia, grabs the phone, thanks Giles, and hangs up. Buffy tells her that this demon killed Celia, and that they have to get it, but she doesn't know how, because the only time she saw it was when she had that fever, and what, no dramatic music to accompany this Moment Of Revelation? The Gods Of Television Clich├ęs are wicked pissed.

Refrigerator-cam. Willow asks Buffy to reconsider, but Buffy, grabbing a test tube, says the only way to she'll be able to see the Kruegerstod is to infect herself with the fever. She moves to chug the contents of the test tube, but Willow cautions her that the contents are pure, and will kill her in an instant. Buffy: "They really should put that on the label." Willow pours some water into a beaker, and adds a few drops of the fever soup. Buffy says she needs it to work faster than that, and Willow reluctantly complies by adding some more. Buffy: "Here's to my health." She drinks it down. Soon after, Willow is helping an out-of-it Buffy down the hall. They reach the children's ward, but the kids are no longer there. Of course they're not -- we're overdue for another scene cut already.

Downstairs, Ryan is leading the kids somewhere. I knew I liked him. There's no way these kids are that sick, though. Back upstairs, Buffy says she's burning up, then tries to focus on the room. She says she thinks the Kruegerstod is inside, and some black smoke coalesces to confirm her speculation. It looks around for the kids, then focuses its white, iris-less eyes on Buffy. It chuckles, then goes out the back door after the kids. The door says "Basement Access," which of course would never be connected to a patient room, especially not one with kids in it, but how can I focus on that in an episode about a white-eyed invisible hobgoblin? Buffy tries the door, but it's locked. She tries to recover her strength, presumably to rip the door handle off, but her doctor appears and asks what's wrong. Willow says Buffy's not feeling well, and the doctor starts to lead her away, but Buffy throws her off and she and Willow run. Willow calls back, "She's sorry!" Heh. The doctor calls for security, and hurries after them. Buffy and Willow round a corner and bump into the amusing security guard and a crony of his. Buffy fixes Willow with a look, and Willow non-telepathically gets the gist as she starts to freak out that there are frogs all over her. Clever, funny, and nice continuity about the frog fear. The guards go to her, and Buffy takes the opportunity to make herself scarce. The doctor arrives, and snaps that it's the other one. Willow stops her spaz. "No more frogs!" Old Willow, Old Willow. The guards take off.

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