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Golden rule days
Cut to a daylight scene. Big fake scissors next to a red ribbon. As he cuts the ribbon, a nice-looking man in a suit triumphantly declares, "It is my great pleasure and privilege to announce the official opening, on the very ground that it first stood upon, of the brand-new, state-of-the-art Sunnydale High!" Applause from the crowd.

Season Seven credits. A random sampling: Mostly familiar shots of Sarah Michelle; the mummy hand has second billing with quite a long appearance; an unfamiliar-looking troll-thing; Nick Brendon looks into the orb from "Hell's Bells"; new shots of Nick in a hard hat, and sitting in the Summers living room wearing a suit; nice shots of Emma smiling prettily, roller-skating, swinging a bat, and dancing; the stuck vamp from the teaser, and Buffy decapitating him; Michelle, in a tight pink tank top, gestures emphatically; Spike stares into the camera; subway Spike, fighting-for-a-soul Spike, Randy Giles Spike; Alyson gets the final "and Alyson Hannigan as Willow" billing; what I hope is this-season Willow looking very pretty with long hair; and my favorite shot of all, the scream from "Tabula Rasa." A pastoral meadow and a horse snorting. We see a greatcoat-attired Giles apparently riding in from the set of Firefly on a piebald horse, and the words, "Westbury, England" appear. This must be part of the Firefly promotion. "Watch Firefly and remember Giles. Then maybe you'll like us." I was going to say nice things about the new composer based on the music in the Istanbul scene, but he's losing points for the sappy woodwind tootling here. Giles strides under the canopy of a large tree as the credits inform us that he's a special guest star. I think Joss Whedon needs to do whatever it takes, up to and including selling his soul to the Devil (the real Devil, though, not Marti Noxon, because he already tried that and it didn't work), to get Anthony Stewart Head back to a status where he appears in the credits. Giles circles the tree and seems a little surprised to find Willow sitting there. Pensive piano joins the jaunty-yet-mournful woodwinds as Willow conjures up a CGI passionflower from the grass in front of her. "That doesn't belong there," Giles tells Willow with a bit of concern. She glumly agrees that it doesn't. Giles identifies the flower as a "native of Paraguay," and Willow smiles a little as she asks him, "Is there anything you don't know everything about?" "Synchronized swimming," nods Giles. "Complete mystery to me." He crouches next to Willow (showing off his riding boots) and asks Willow, "Who brought it through the Earth?" He's talking to her a bit like she's an extremely damaged and jumpy puppy; I get the impression that it must have taken enormous effort even to get her to a state where they could converse like this. Willow doesn't really admit that she imported the flower, but instead rambles about how "everything's connected." "You sound like Miss Hartness," smiles Giles, and asks Willow why she's skipping her lesson with said Miss Hartness. Willow apologizes and then confesses that, although she admires the witches of the coven and is grateful for all the help they've given her, she feels that they look at her as if they're terrified of what she might do. Guilty conscience, Will? Giles considers this and explains that the coven is cautious. Willow demurs; she doesn't think she "has that much power," which to me says she needs, like, five years in therapy! Giles tells Willow she's "connected to a greater power," whether she feels it or not.

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