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Golden rule days
Dawn enters the same bathroom where Buffy was attacked. She locks herself into a stall, but then hears someone sobbing. Dawn very slowly stands up and exits her stall. She peers along the floor for feet, but doesn't see any.

Buffy hurries along a miscellaneous hall in the school and runs straight into Principal Wood. "You know, I thought in general it was customary for a person who has graduated to, um, you know, go somewhere else," he snarks. His sarcastic attitude seems to make Buffy suspicious. She coldly says that she was just getting to know the new campus. Principal Wood smiles.

Dawn's still in the bathroom, swinging stalls open. She finds the crying girl, who's the girl dressed in black whom we saw earlier when Buffy and Dawn arrived at school. Dawn asks Crying Girl what's wrong; Crying Girl replies that there's someone in the bathroom. Dawn looks around the empty room, but Crying Girl insists that someone else is there.

The camera circles the principal, who admits that he knows more about Buffy than he "let on before." "Isn't that interesting," sasses Buffy. "Oh, it really is," the principal sasses right back.

Dawn coaxes Crying Girl out of the stall and introduces herself. Crying Girl, who has purple streaks in her dark hair, says her name is Kit. "Saw something pretty creepy, huh?" inquires Dawn, and when Kit replies that Dawn wouldn't believe her, Dawn says that she thinks she would. As Dawn talks, her eye wanders to the mirror, where we see the angry zombie-folk reflected. The fluorescent lights in the room start to flash and explode, and as Dawn and Kit run to escape, zombie hands burst up through the floor and drag them down. A large portion of the floor caves in directly underneath them. Dawn dies, and all the after-market monk memories are forgotten. Everyone (except for the three people in the world who like Dawn) lives happily ever after.

We return from commercial to zoom in on a panic-attack-ridden Willow. She's writhing on the ground in England, not far from where I spent a good portion of my summer, and boy, am I bitter about that. After I found out that this was filmed a mere fourteen miles away during the time I was there, I almost vowed from that day forward to be as spoiled as spoiled can be so that such a tragic occurrence could never happen again. Fourteen miles to Giles! That's a mere 8,300 roundabouts! (That joke kills in the ex-pat crowd. Trust me.) Giles holds Willow, counseling her to breathe slowly. Would that I could be so lucky. And I probably could have! Damn! Willow pants and then flinches suddenly as her palms touch the grass. Apparently, not everything in the earth is "good and pure and rootsy." Thanks for the newsflash, there. Willow seems awfully surprised by this information for someone who went to Hellmouth High. Magick drugs really do fry your brain. Anyway, the whole point of this scene is for Willow to ominously warn Giles that the Hellmouth is going to open at some point this season.

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