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School. Buffy and Ford enter and see Willow, who makes a chagrined face to herself, knowing she can't escape. Buffy asks her if she wants to go to the cafeteria with them. Willow very nervously and stiltedly tells her that she has work to do in the computer lab. Buffy tells her to 'fess up, and Willow looks horrified. Buffy: "Were you drinking coffee again? 'Cause we've talked about this." Willow gives a spastic fake laugh, and explains to Ford that it makes her jumpy. She manages to leave, only to be replaced by an almost-equally spastic Giles. Is everyone so bad at cover in this episode just to illustrate how good a liar Ford is? Giles says that he's going out that evening, and gives Buffy Miss Calendar's beeper number, in case she needs "study help." Two cats fighting, you say? Eminently believable. Buffy breaks the news that Ford knows she's the Slayer. Ford smiles, "I know." Hee. Jason Behr does lying and smirking a lot better than he does moping. Giles pulls Buffy aside. "You are not, by any chance, betraying your secret identity just to impress, um, cute boys, are you?" Ha! Buffy evenly tells him that Ford found out on his own. Apparently satisfied with that explanation, Giles leaves. It is a pretty big coincidence, Ford knowing that Buffy's the Slayer and then "moving" to Sunnydale. Giles, you're supposed to be the brains of this outfit! Sigh.

Night. Buffy and Ford walk near the school, apparently having just finished a walking tour of the soundstages of Sunnydale. Needless to say, they don't look particularly spent. Ford searches for a word to describe the town, and Buffy encourages him to say "dull." He agrees, but upon seeing two figures hurrying toward the school, he amends that assessment. Buffy takes out a stake and hands Ford a cross. He draws a stake of his own, and when a one-off is better prepared than the regulars on this show, it makes you wonder how the Wishverse didn't happen even with Buffy in Sunnydale. Buffy looks slightly discomfited, but simply tells Ford to stay close to her. Right by the school, they look for the vamps, who quickly appear out of nowhere. Buffy kicks the female to the ground, but the male tackles her, and they both go over a railing, falling several feet. Ford kneels over the female vamp and threatens her with the stake and the cross. He menaces that he'll let her live if she tells him what she wants to know. We don't get to find out what he asks, but it would be so funny if it were, "What is the air-speed velocity of an unladen swallow?" Buffy dusts her foe, and comes running back to Ford, who's now alone. She asks where the other vamp is, but Ford says he killed her. Buffy doesn't look completely convinced. Maybe it's because of the, you know, lack of dust? Although I will give Ford props for pretending to cough there.

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