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Buffy's stirring a cup of tea in her kitchen when Angel opens the door and asks if he can come in. Buffy assents, and says that she thought an invitation never expired. Angel says that's true; he was just being polite, and goes on that they need to talk. Buffy: "Do we." The steam coming from the tea suddenly disappears. Angel says that Ford isn't what he seems. Buffy: "Who is these days." The teacup cracks. Angel explains what they found, but Buffy is none too pleased to learn that Willow and Xander helped Angel, calling it a "conspiracy." That gets Angel's attention, and he asks what she's talking about. She snaps, "I'm talking about the people I trust. Who's Drusilla?" Angel's face falls. Buffy tells him not to lie to her, but he tells her that some lies are necessary, which is a nice setup for the end of the episode. She says that she can take the truth. Angel: "Do you love me?" Ouch! I have to remember to keep one eye on left field. After a moment, Buffy admits that she loves him, but she doesn't know if she trusts him. A bit more verbal sparring ensues, and then Angel tells her about Dru: She was an "obsession" of his; pure, sweet, and chaste. He killed everyone she loved, intentionally driving her insane, and on the day she was slated to take her holy orders to become a nun, he turned her into a vampire. I was going to say that I'm not sure how she was going to become a nun if she had already been driven insane, but I'm sure plenty of parochial school alumni could inform me of a case or two that slipped through the cracks. Buffy looks shaken, but gamely notes that she asked for the truth. Confession over, Angel tells Buffy about Ford's vampire-worshipping society. As Angel tells Buffy she can't trust Ford, the camera switches to a view from outside the open window. Is someone lurking outside? We'll never know.

School. We see Buffy in the courtyard. Ford's voice calls to her. The camera spins creepily to focus on him. He tells her he had fun the previous night, and asks her to go out again that night. She accepts. He says he has a surprise for her, and she neutrally says she likes surprises. They agree to meet at the school at nine. He leans in and tells her it will be fun, and walks away. After a beat, she does the same. This scene is eerily reminiscent of the one between Angel and Drusilla at the beginning of the episode, and conveys the same sense of battle lines being drawn.

Inside, Willow and Xander wait on the stairs. Buffy comes down and starts to walk past them, but Willow calls her name and hesitantly starts to ask about Angel. Buffy says that he told her everything. Well, not everything, but they didn't have all night. Willow explains that they were all just worried about her, and didn't want to say anything about Ford until they were sure. Xander asks if she found out what Ford's up to. Buffy grimly tells them she will, and walks off. She does a great job here of conveying that she believes Willow, but that she needs a little time to process everything that's happened. Willow and Xander, for their parts, look like they understand her feelings, until Xander breaks the silence: "Angel was in your bedroom?" Willow nods serenely, "Ours is a forbidden love." Hee.

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