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Lies My Parents Told Me

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Lies My Parents Told Me

Eight hours after Dawn's injury at Spike's hands? Twelve hours after? Who knows? But the Buffy who lingered in the basement so she could gently free Spike when Dawn was injured has now finally found the time to check on her sister, who is asleep in bed. Wait. I can't see a single Junior Miss Slayer in Dawn's room. Where the hell are they keeping them now? In the kitchen cupboards? Bitchy strokes her sister's forehead and then leaves her room, closing the door behind her. Giles approaches her in the hallway. Bitchy refuses to look at him as he says, "I understand your anger." He goes on to say he did what was best, but Buffy just tells him what's really important: "Spike's alive." Giles looks down and then regroups. He says what he told her earlier is "still true." "You need to learn --" but Bitchy interrupts, her voice quavering with anger, "No. I think you've taught me everything I need to know." She walks into her bedroom and closes the door. And the one remaining decent relationship on this show has just had feces smeared all over it. I'm so surprised that this nihilistic, depressing show (in which standing up for good ruins your life and the lives of those around you and means that you die alone, bitter and fixated) is being produced by two people who are new parents. I somehow expected a more moving and graceful season from people who now have every reason to be filled with hope and wonder about what a renewed place the world can be.

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