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Walking And Talking. And Talking. And Talking.

The Ironic Segue Fairy makes another appearance as we cut to the hospital. Cordy is lying in bed in the foreground, with her head tilted to face the camera. Xander, a large bouquet of flowers in hand, knocks and asks if he can come in. She doesn't answer, but he enters anyway and sits down. He starts talking, but doesn't get through a sentence before she cuts him off. "Xander?" She turns her head, and she looks wan and sad. "Stay away from me." She turns away again. Ouch. He looks like he's been punched in the gut, and leaves. When he does, Cordy's face breaks. Sniff. I'm not a Xanderphile at all, but I think those two actually worked well as a couple.

Mansion. Buffy enters, toting Silly Purse #27, and Angel looks thrilled to see her. She bursts his bubble by telling him she's not coming back. She says that they're not friends, and that she can fool most people on that point, "but I can't fool myself, or Spike for some reason." Angel doesn't want to let her go. She says they can still see each other if he can tell her he doesn't love her. He doesn't answer, and she leaves. That scene annoyed the hell out of me. Firstly, the speech was a rare (at least back then) false note for SMG -- she didn't sell it at all. There wasn't nearly enough emotion for the sentiments she was expressing. Secondly, it felt like it was only there to set up the cheesy montage that followed. And finally, it made "Amends" necessary to bring Angel back into the show, and that I can't forgive.

Said cheesy montage ensues. It's actually The Guitar Of Tragedy that's playing, and it really gets on my nerves. We see Angel brooding, Willow sadly playing with the Pez witch (aw), Oz pensively playing guitar, Xander in the library looking sad, Cordy in bed looking lost. Then Buffy, looking sad as well. I drown out The Guitar Of Tragedy by yelling, "Ye gods, what the hell is she wearing?" It's a pink -- yes, pink -- leopard-print shirt. At least The Guitar Of Tragedy is fitting for that.

Spike drives out of town, smoking and singing along to the Gary-Oldman-as-Sid-Vicious remake of "My Way." That's how I picture Sep leaving for her summer vacation. He screams, "I did it myyyyy waaaayyyyy!" Best. Ending. Ever. And it seems like the writers are going with fun Spike, not mopey Spike, right? Right? Sigh.

My VCR won't make it to England for a few weeks. That's actually good, because it'll give me time to mentally prepare myself for recapping "Amends." The accent? The mustache? The mullet? Oh, the humanity.

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