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Walking And Talking. And Talking. And Talking.

The Ironic Segue Fairy makes a quick appearance as we cut to Willow telling Xander, "Something's gonna happen." She thinks the double date is a big mistake. Not the cheating, mind you -- the double date. She worries that Oz and Cordy will know something's up. He tries to reassure her: "Maybe we've had one or two indiscretions but that's all past. Look, we're just very good friends who like to hang out...and can I kiss your earlobe?" That one I've never heard, and that's saying a lot. She starts to let him, but then wards him off with the Pez witch. Heh. He strokes her hair, and wishes aloud that their mutual attraction would stop. Willow: "Any suggestions?" Great. Prelude to another character arc I found really appealing. Not.

Summers kitchen. Joyce is pushing several colleges on Buffy. She says that Buffy belongs "at a good old-fashioned college, with keg parties and boys, not here with Hellmouths and vampires." Buffy: "Not really seeing the distinction." Heh. She's got a point. I mean, who would you rather date, a creature of the night or Kyle from Real World? Sars? ["Of the night or not, name a creature -- it's in line ahead of Kyle." -- Sars] Joyce goes on that Buffy's always wishing for a normal life. Wow, you really think so? Buffy says it's not that simple, but Joyce says Buffy has to think about her future. "I mean, honestly, is there anything keeping you here?"

Anvilicious cut to Angel. Oh, lord -- he reading Sartre's La Nausee. I'm feeling a little nauseated myself, thanks. Whatever, Deepguy McForehead. We see that Spike is watching him. Angel gets up and walks further inside. Spike starts a drunken rant about how he and Dru were happy until Angel brainwashed her. That's giving her a lot of credit. He hilariously slurs, "I'll show you who's a...cool guy." He continues, "You're going down," then predictably trips and passes out. It was still kind of funny, though. I'm a sucker for sight gags. Remember Angel's dancing dream sequence in "She"? That was ten of the funniest seconds in television history.

Shot of the sun rising. Spike's still passed out. His left hand, lying in the sun, bursts into flame. He wakes up in a panic, sticks his hand in the nearby fountain, and scrambles up the stairs. He dives into his car, pours liquor all over his burnt hand (yeeoouch), and takes a slug of the stuff. He whinges, "This is just too much." I'll say.

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