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Walking And Talking. And Talking. And Talking.

The magic shop. A very New-Age-type woman hears the back door close. She walks over to Spike and asks if she can help him. Spike: "Need a curse." That line cracks me up. We figure out that he means to curse Angel, and settles on leprosy as his preferred method. New Age Woman: "We don't carry leprosy." Hee. The front door opens, and New Age Woman excuses herself. It's Willow, with a shopping list. New Age Woman recognizes the items on the list as the ingredients for a love spell, but Willow explains that she wants the opposite effect, "kind of a de-lusting." The ingredients are the same, and New Age Woman rings them up. Spike watches as Willow leaves. New Age Woman goes back to attend to Spike, asking if he found a "spell book." However, he grabs her, game face on. "Forget the book." He kills her. "I just got a better idea." Remember when Spike was scary? And I realized that that death disturbed me not because I was invested in the character, but because it wasn't attached to some preachy and anvilicious message. It just happened. That's scary.

Very Bad Things. I honestly have no recollection of that movie whatsoever.

City Hall. Yay! The Mayor is practicing his golf putting as Twitchy looks on. He bemoans a missed shot. "I swear, I would sell my soul for a decent short game. Of course, it's a little late for that. I don't suppose I could offer your soul, huh? Will you help me on the green?" Twitchy makes a note to himself to update his will for the third time this month. The Mayor: "I'm just funnin'." Best. Villain. Ever. The Mayor has just learned that Spike is in town. Twitchy explains about the incident at the magic shop. The Mayor fondly reminisces about Spike's "shenanigans." Twitchy absently sits on the Mayor's desk, and the Mayor whistles in warning. Hee. The Mayor more seriously says that it's too important a year for him "to let a loose cannon rock the boat." He wonders whether he just employed a mixed metaphor. "Boats did have cannons. And a loose one would cause it to rock." Heh. I'm expecting him to plunge a hand into Twitchy's chest and rip his still-beating heart out without missing a word in his monologue. The Mayor asks Twitchy to take care of the problem with a "committee." Twitchy says it's as good as done. The Mayor: "That's swell." He sinks his next putt. He'll probably feast on someone's eyeballs later to celebrate.

Mansion. Buffy and Angel discuss her college plans. This scene is boring, so here's the short version: Buffy asks Angel what he thinks she should do. He thinks she should leave, because it's a good opportunity for her. That's not what she wanted to hear, and she passive-aggressives her way out the door. Oh, and Joyce doesn't know Angel's back. Well, duh.

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