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Walking And Talking. And Talking. And Talking.

Cut to Buffy, jumping rope in the library. Oz and Cordelia come barreling in. They take her to the chem lab. Buffy realizes that there was a struggle. She says she'll look for Xander and Willow, and dispatches Oz and Cordy to get Giles from his retreat. Buffy returns to the library to get weapons, but the phone rings. It's Joyce, wanting to schedule a college talk. Buffy's impatient, but then hears Spike's voice in the background. He smiles threateningly: "Hello, Joyce." Cut to a cloud of dust where Buffy was just standing.

Joyce pours Spike some tea as he relates his sob story. Hee! I didn't expect that at all the first time I saw this episode. Blah blah blah Chaos-Demon-cakes. Joyce sympathetically says that Dru sounds "very unreasonable." She attempts to give Spike the wisdom of her experience, but he says that their love was "eternal, literally." I have one of those moments with this show where I start giggling uncontrollably. I mean, Joyce is giving relationship advice to a vampire. That's funny. With a smile so sexy it would turn Anne Heche straight (oh, wait -- bad example), he asks if she has any "little marshmallows." Joyce goes to look. How she's not straddling him already is beyond me. I mean, we know she's a sucker for the accent. Plus, it's not hard to believe this particular attraction runs in the family. Oh no I di-int!

Okay, this seems like a good time to explain why I think Spike was a much better character back then than he is now. I know this subject's a powder keg, but hey, it's my job. First of all, he was sexier. Let me clarify that I think James Marsters is really, really hot. Amazing body, high cheekbones, everything. He totally does it for me. But I'm talking about Spike here. The thing that made him sexy in my eyes was that he was a rebel among vampires. He was a punk long before the punk era existed. It seems to me that when he's dressed in his signature outfit, he's truly in his element. I could picture him instead of Sid Vicious on that famous "Never let them take you alive" poster. The trend of the last season of him taking his clothes off doesn't make him sexier -- it does the opposite for me. The clothes are part of the image that made him so appealing. Even his voice has lost something -- watch a Season Two episode with Spike in it sometime. Close your eyes and listen to his voice. Mrow. These days, he's too busy whining. He's lost his joie de vivre, as it were. I realize Mutant Enemy would claim that these changes show "character development," but Spike was perfect in his original inception -- an evil bad boy you loved to hate and hated to love. I don't need a good villain to change, and I certainly don't need to see him naked to find him alluring. People change; vampires don't have to. In my opinion, this character has been grossly mishandled. It's a crying shame, because the character was great and James Marsters is a superb actor. And that's the tragedy of this episode, because Spike himself realizes at the end that a fun version of him is so much better than a mopey version. Sigh. Back to watching Season Two on DVD. After I finish this recap, that is.

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