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Lover's Walk

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Walking And Talking. And Talking. And Talking.

Factory. Willow tries to break open the door, to no avail. Xander stirs, and props to the make-up department, because he looks just awful. Willow exposits where they are and why they're there. "Drusilla broke up with him." Xander: "Gee, and we'd all hoped those crazy kids would make it work." Hee. Xander wonders what their options are, but the three that Willow advances all end with them dying. Xander tries to get up, but falls back as Willow catches him. They lean in. Willow: "We're not supposed to." Xander: "Exemption for impending death situation." I don't really have a problem with this particular indiscretion, but boy, if they could take it back. The Guitar Of Infidelity starts playing, and I'm really glad this is the last time I'll have to hear it. They mack. The camera pans around to Oz and Cordy coming down the stairs. Oz barely reacts, saying they have to get out of there, but Cordy puts her hand to her mouth, looking for all the world like she's going to be sick. Charisma Carpenter really is a good actress. She looks so sad. She runs up the stairs, but one of them collapses and she falls through. Xander rushes up to see her lying face up. She manages, "I fell." The camera pans down to show that she's been impaled on her left side, somewhere near her kidney. It's pretty shocking.

Buffy, Angel, and Spike walk out of the shop, supplies in hand. Buffy tells Spike she wants him out of her life. God, if I had a nickel for every time I've heard that. She says he tends to cause trouble. Spike says he'll be gone soon. "No trouble." On cue, a large vamp accosts them and greets Spike. Several henchvamps surround them. Buffy snarks, "No trouble at all." Commercials.

Cool aerial shot of the unfolding scene. The lead vamp makes it clear that this is not a friendly situation. Buffy tries to tell them that Spike's just leaving, but they're not interested. The lead vamp offers Buffy and Angel the chance to leave quietly. Spike: "I die, your friends die." Buffy apologetically says, "Sorry, we're staying." The fight is on. I love watching all three main characters fight, so this is a treat. Buffy stakes two vamps, but the three of them get herded toward the magic shop door. They run in as the vamps rush them. Spike and Angel manage to barricade the large front window as Buffy quickly breaks a chair and fashions stakes for them. They await the onslaught. A vamp comes in through the back door, and maybe Spike should have anticipated that, considering that he did the same thing earlier in the episode. Two vamps get in before Angel barricades the door with his body. Well, they're not going to want to come through that.

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