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Lover's Walk

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Walking And Talking. And Talking. And Talking.

Xander climbs down to Cordy as Willow yells that Oz went to get help. Cordy looks like she's about to expire.

Fight. Buffy dusts one vamp, but both entrances look like they might give at any moment. Angel wonders if they could get to the roof, but his door collapses in on him. The lead vamp rushes up and punches Spike. Lead vamp: "Yeah, I'd heard you'd gone soft. Sad to see it, man." Spike, incredulously: "Soft?" Lead vamp: "Yeah. Like baby food." Wrong thing to say, I'm guessing. Another vamp is on Spike's opposite side. Spike smirks, "Well then, let's give baby a taste." They fight.

Buffy tosses a vamp aside and attends to Angel. They realize that the front barricade is about to fall. In the foreground, the camera focuses in on a shelf filled with vials of holy water.

Spike is repeatedly bashing the lead vamp's head into a table. "Does baby like his supper? Does baby like his supper?" Don't think so, but I'm kinda liking it. "Why doesn't baby have a nap!" He stakes him, and looks immensely pleased. Buffy yells at him to hit the deck, which he does as the barricade falls. Buffy and Angel let fly the vials. Is the glass that flimsy that it would break on the vampires? Questions that need answers. And by that, I mean, "Questions that I really don't care about." Repulsed, the vamps flee. Spike's thrilled to have had a good fight. Angel winces in pain, and Buffy holds him. Spike chuckles, "Oh yeah, you two. Just friends. No danger there." Hee. Buffy asks about the spell. Spike: "Sod the spell. Your friends are at the factory." Buffy gives him an "I can't believe I'm so dumb" look. Spike jauntily says that all he needs to get Dru back is to quit whining and to be the man he was. That's what I'm sayin'. He strolls out. Shouldn't Buffy, like, you know, kill him or something?

Xander finally reaches Cordelia, and begs her to hold on. At least he didn't say, "Promise me that you'll hold on." Yack. That movie bit, as so many Best Picture winners do. Let's not get started on that topic -- I could rant all day. She squeaks, "Xander?...I can't see you." Sniff. She loses consciousness as he strokes her hair. Cut to a cemetery, where a service is being performed. Buffy and Willow walk by. Buffy: "So Cordelia's going to be okay?" Thanks, Misdirection McHackney. Willow says that none of Cordy's vital organs was punctured. She exposits that Cordy wasn't allowed to have visitors at first, but that Xander will see her that day. Buffy asks about Oz. Willow: "I never knew there was anything inside me that could feel this bad. For the longest time, I didn't know what I wanted. I wanted everything. And now, I just want him to talk to me again." Aw. AH nailed that speech. Buffy advises time and groveling. Willow's ready to grovel. Buffy: "I hear sometimes it works."

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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