Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Never Leave Me

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Never Leave Me

Pan across the beedy, steely eyes of BBBSpike. Shots of beautiful and sharp instruments of torture. We see an arm being lashed to a wooden frame with leather thongs. It's Spike, of course. An off-screen minion grabs something pointy and gouges Spike with it. He screams. I smile. The wooden frame Spike is tied to is raised and tilted forward. Blood from Spike's wounds (which are really nicely carved designs reminiscent of those Einstürzende Neubauten symbols that were such popular tattoos in the '90s. Hey, does this somehow tie into that Seal of Danzig that Andrew mentioned right before Spike used him as an impromptu wrecking ball?) drips towards the ground. "You wanna see what a real vampire looks like?" taunts the BBB, who has morphed into Buffy at this point. Minions chant. Blood pools on the seal in the basement, and the points of the pentagram start to glow and fold up. It's really reminiscent (and by that I mean "a rip-off") of Hellraiser. Quite sad, really, since Hellraiser was released a good fifteen years ago. The production crew must have gotten the Hellraiser effects package at a very deep discount. After the seal has finished its contortions, we see a wizened gray hand with long black claws grip the dirt near the mouth of the seal. The camera pans up the vampire (all four inches of him) and comes to rest on his wee snarling face. I hope it doesn't take Buffy too long to figure out that she can squash him with one well-placed stomp.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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