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Never Leave Me

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Never Leave Me

Xander brings Weasel Andrew a glass of water, unties him, and apologizes for Anya hitting him. They share some conversation about how crazy-bad Anya is, and Andrew baby-voices, "This one time I saw her having sex with Spike." Xander's face twitches. Usually, I'd just be saying that to indicate that he has a reaction, but in this case, Nick came up with a really good, subtle facial flinch. In a friendly tone, Xander shares that Anya had "killed a lot of men," and then sort of drifts into this strange story about "this one guy" Anya killed slowly by replacing his "heart with darkness." Scary memories of Xander's scenes in "Restless" drift through my head. The guy had to go on living his life "empty, without anything to look forward to." It works as an illustration of how Xander feels without Anya (or feels about Anya returning to vengeance, I suppose), but doesn't work at all as a credible threat to scare Andrew, and thus feels totally shoehorned into this scene. Xander realizes he hasn't been very scary here and hastily amends, "Well, then she tore out his intestines and rubbed it in his face and took pictures of it." Weasel Andrew is a little more impressed by that. Xander reassures him that Anya is downstairs, and explains that bad things have been afoot and "the girls are all looking for someone to blame." The Weasel insists that he hasn't done anything, and Anya suddenly stomps into the room, guns of fury ablaze. She shouts that Andrew is going to tell them what he's done, and tackles him and his chair to the ground. Xander leaps forward to pull her off the Weasel, and she snarls, "Get off, Harris!" and, carried away, slaps Xander in the face. Aw, Xander looks like his heart has been broken into tiny little pieces. Anya waves her fists and mouths a silent apology; she then jumps back onto Andrew. Boy, Emma's low-rise pants and high-rise shirt are conspiring to show a lot of back skin in this shot. Andrew screams that he'll tell them everything.

Next door, Spike is still sitting and Buffy is still standing around. They hear the shouting from Dawn's room. Buffy excuses herself to check on things, and as she leaves, Big Bad Below Spike appears behind the door. BBBSpike feels he has a problem.

Buffy enters Dawn's room. Andrew begs for help. Buffy asks if everything is okay, and we get a strange shot of Xander, Anya, and Andrew in a frozen tableau. Xander is slumped against a desk, moodily clutching his face, while Anya kneels over Andrew, her arm pulled back for a punch. Anya says everything is fine, so Buffy goes back to her room. She pauses outside the door; she can hear Spike talking and then singing to himself. He's singing the trigger song, of course. She goes into her room and peers about suspiciously. She asks Spike who he was talking to, and he's coolly distant as he claims, "I was just keeping myself company." He's clearly back under the influence of BBBSpike.

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