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New Moon Rising

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New Moon Rising

Willow opens the door to her room, which is practically a single at this point since Buffy never seems to be there anymore, to see Oz standing there. He gives her a somewhat soulful look, and she invites him inside, but he declines with a little half-smile, saying that he wants to show her something. Cut to them walking outside. Between their two jackets they've managed to put sheep on the endangered species list. Willow mentions how everything feels like a dream, and Oz tells her to look up at the sky. We're treated to the sight of a lovely full moon. Willow is shocked and overjoyed at Oz's apparent cure and hugs him. ["This is the point in the episode where I started bawling. Yes, I'm a sap." -- Ace] Unfortunately for Oz (and me), she hugs him like a friend, while it's obvious that he has more on his mind. As Willow pulls back, she gets a confused look on her face as if she's just realized how this complicates things. Oz mentions that Xander told him that Willow doesn't have a new boyfriend. He takes her hand and says that he's not going rush her, but that he's changed and can offer her what she needs now. My heart plunks painfully down into my stomach, and I'm pretty sure it's only going to get worse from here. Oh yeah, Willow also looks very pained for some reason and we're only eleven minutes into the episode.

Graham and two random commandos are on patrol on the woods. They're attacked by a werewolf-looking thing, who throws Graham across the clearing into a tree. The werewolf then proceeds to eat one of the random commandos, and Graham looks up briefly before losing consciousness. I should care, but I don't. I just want to get back to the Oz and Willow bits.

I hope everyone in that Pepsi One ad dies of some terribly contagious disease spread by drinking out of someone else's can.

In Willow's room, Oz and Willow are talking on her bed. As Willow is fingering a cloth from Tibet that Oz has brought her, he tells her how Tibetan monks taught him some intense meditative techniques to keep his inner wolf under control. Willow teases him about the "spaz" he used to be and then remarks that while Oz has done some pretty cool stuff, she's been stuck in Sunnydale. Oz tells her that she's still been through a lot. She agrees and tells him a bit about her growth as a witch. Willow notes that they've been talking all night and invites Oz for a "manly-sized" breakfast. She starts gathering up some pictures that are lying on the bed, but Oz reaches across to grasp her hand, saying, "We could just sleep a while. Whatever you want." Willow opts for the "less confusing waffles," which is fine with me because I can take the "sleeping with Oz" option in her place. She grabs her toiletries and runs off to the bathroom. While Oz is waiting, there is a knock on the door. He answers it to find Tara who, when she sees Oz, says she'll come back later. Oblivious, Oz tries to talk to Tara, but she gets all stuttery and scampers off. Oz looks vaguely contemplative when Willow returns and he tells her that Tara stopped by. Willow looks upset six ways to Sunday.

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