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New Moon Rising

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New Moon Rising

Buffy and Riley wake up in Riley's bed. He rolls over to rub her tummy, but she doesn't cuddle back and instead just gets out of bed. Riley pulls on his sweatpants. For one horrible moment I thought I was going to be treated to Freebird Riley when he was putting on his sweats. I'm not entirely off the hook, though, because I still have to look at his plastic chest. ["Remember that Seinfeld line about sweatpants meaning you've just given up? I do, and Riley's not scoring points in my book by wearing them." -- Ace] Riley drops down to give us fifty or so, and Buffy makes a snide remark about how regimented he is. Riley gets up, sits near her on the bed, and asks if she's upset because of what he said about Willow. He goes on to rationalize that he was motivated out of concern for Willow, nothing more. Buffy tries to explain the concept of a moral gray area to Riley by saying, "There are creatures, vampires for example, that aren't evil at all." Riley challenges her to name even one, but before she has a chance to reply, they are interrupted by Forrest, who has come to tell Riley about the attack on Beta Team. We learn that Graham is still alive. As Riley leaves with Forrest, Buffy asks what kind of a demon attacked the team. "Does it matter?" snits Riley. Because, as you know, it's certainly no business of Buffy's to be aware of what kind of beasties are creeping about.

Back in Willow's room, the brass section in starts in with "Hail to the Chief" to herald Buffy's return to the room. No, not really. But I'm sure that's what's going on in Buffy's head. Anyway, between her jacket and pants Buffy is wearing an entire cow. Willow, cuddled up on her bed with an afghan and a stuffed puppy, asks if Buffy is okay, and in a surprising turn of events Buffy wants to hear about someone other than herself. Willow tells Buffy that she was with Oz all night. Buffy gets excited, assuming she's going to hear some salacious details, but then remembers that last night was a full moon. Willow explains about the new man Oz has become and Buffy notices that she's feeling more "woo hoo" than Willow. Willow: "No, there's 'woo' and 'hoo' but there's 'uh-oh' and 'why now?' It's complicated." Buffy doesn't understand why it's complicated, and Willow tells her it's because of Tara. At first Buffy thinks that Tara has a crush on Oz, but her eyes widen when she realizes the full implication of what Willow has said. Buffy makes happy for Willow after a brief moment where she's obviously having trouble processing the news. She then asks how Willow told Oz, but Willow tells her that when they were hanging out she could "just feel everything coming back. He's Oz, y'know?" Buffy, Ace, possibly Sars, and I all say in unison, "Yeah, I know," but only Ace and I sigh dreamily afterwards. ["No, I sighed too." -- Sars] Willow expresses concern about hurting Tara and Oz, and Buffy gives her some sage advice, namely that since somebody is going to get hurt no matter what, the best thing Willow can do is to be honest. Because the WB execs know full well how good Willow is at doing the tortured thing, she again looks troubled.

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