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New Moon Rising

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New Moon Rising

In the Initiative's pit, cleverly named "The Pit" as you might recall, Oz is still wolfed out, growling in a small cage. He looks like he's trapped inside a giant version of one of those foil Jiffy Pop popcorn devices people used before microwaves. Riley and the commandos, now changed into camo gear, stand around impatiently, and Forrest demands to know whether the doctor can identify Oz-Wolf as the animal that attacked their men. The doctor isn't sure because Graham "described characteristics present in over forty known varieties of demon." The doctor goes on about hair and fiber tests and doesn't seem very impressed by Riley's testosterone-pumped questioning. Riley pulls out his gun, saying he can tell the monster in the cage is a killer. He levels his gun at the Oz-Wolf who suddenly morphs into naked Oz. Riley lowers his gun and takes a step back, surprised. Everyone stares at Oz, who is panting exhaustedly. The scene changes and we see get a floor-cam shot from Oz's point of view. The doctors stand in a ring around him, with Riley behind them. Oz starts to regain consciousness, and Riley tries to speak with him, but the doctor explains Oz is doped up on Haldol. Riley is getting agitated, explaining that Oz isn't a threat. The doctor replies that only Colonel McNamara can order the testing stopped on the subject. The doctors continue to examine Oz, and one gives him an injection as Riley protests that Oz is a student he knows. The main doctor orders Riley's removal from The Pit. Another doctor jabs Oz with some sort of electrical prod and, screaming, Oz changes back to his wolf state.

At Giles's, Buffy can't understand why she hasn't heard back from Riley, but the gang agrees that they have to go ahead without him. I thought that was what happened in the last scene we saw these guys in, but maybe I'm missing some of the subtleties. Buffy, in a dark turquoise sweater and leather pants of indeterminate color, says she and Xander will enter the Initiative installation. Willow insists on coming along; Buffy protests that it's too dangerous. She wants Willow to hack into the city's electrical grid, but Willow says she'll leave instructions for Giles and that she needs to come along. Because Giles, if you recall, is quite the computer stud. And I mean "recall" in a strictly Orwellian sense. Repeat after me: "We have always been at war with Eastasia. We have never been at war with Eurasia. Giles has always been possessing of the mad computer skillz." Ahem. Buffy agrees and begins discussing how they'll enter the Initiative. Xander suggests they grab a commando and make him give them access, and then Spike, from off-screen, pipes up that they could use the "back way." As they all stare, Giles demands to know how Spike got in, and Spike sneers, "The door was unlocked. You might want to watch that, Rupert." SHOUT-OUT CITY, BABY! Well, probably not, but Ace and I have mentioned Giles's unlocked doors enough to suitably delude ourselves. Buffy calls Spike annoying, and he flirtily tells her to calm down or her won't help "to get Red's mongrel back." Giles asks if Spike is seeking money, and he admits he is, but that he also wants to mess with the "Army ginks." He offers to lead them to where Oz is being held. Buffy accuses him of leading them on a wild goose chase, but Spike assures them he'll get them access with no alarms and no cameras. The gang stares at him, considering his offer.

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