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The Shady In Red

Outside, Buffy tries to hurry the monk along, but he collapses and says he can't go any further. "The key. You must protect the key," he instructs Buffy, who is pretty distracted by getting the hell away from the Abimbonation. The monk ignores Buffy, as so many of us do, and continues to explain that she has to keep the key safe or many will die. Apparently the key is "energy," a "portal," and "it opens the door." It's both a portal and a key? See, that's why I prefer not to get my vital information from dying monks with shaky grasps of the English language. They're so contradictory. Seemingly as confused as I am, Buffy asks if he's talking about the Dagon sphere, but the monk struggles to explain that for centuries his order protected the key, which had no form, until the "Abomination" found them. At that point, they hid the key by making it human and sending it to the Slayer. As he goes on, Buffy begins to get an understandy face. "You put that in my house?" demands Buffy, which I think deserves an "aww," because I know she's thinking of her mom's safety right here. The monk says they knew the Slayer would protect the key, and therefore they built all of her memories and her mother's (and everybody else who knows Buffy, but hey, why mention them, as all they have to do this season is sit on their asses in retail hell?). "You cannot abandon..." instructs the monk, and Buffy wavers back into her old familiar self-absorbed territory with, "I didn't ask for this!" You didn't ask for any of it, honey, but that doesn't stop it. She wants to know, "What is it?" and the expiring monk replies, "Human. Now human and helpless. Please. She's an innocent in this. She needs you." ["I find it rather interesting that he didn't have the energy to walk any further but was able to deliver chapters one through six of his dissertation on Dawn: The metaphysical nature thereof." -- Sep] In a rather nice believing-yet-doubting way, Buffy muses, "She's not my sister?" to which the monk replies, "She doesn't know that," and then kicks the bucket. Buffy looks anguished.

After this episode aired, my mother called to remind me of the season on Dr. Who when some key the Doctor was searching for turned out to have taken human form and was travelling with him all along. I cough, "Eh? I don't recall. I never watched Dr. Who," but I don't get away with it. Moms know stuff about you, and they don't let you forget. I still don't remember that particular plot very well, though. Was that the season with that annoying, greasy-faced kid Aidric?

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