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Real World: Sunnydale

Nobody runs for the phone to get an ambulance for poor forgotten Richard. Instead, we get a talk between Willow and Tara in the kitchen. Tara is packing up Willow's hidden magic supplies as Willow baby-talks some whininess about how she kept the magic supplies as a "safety net"; she felt that if she had the supplies, she wouldn't need to think about the day she might need some magic to save herself. Or something. I wasn't listening, because I was WORRYING about poor Richard dying upstairs as Will mealy-mouths about her damn addiction. Tara tells Willow to walk without the net, and reminds Willow that she had the strength to say no to magic earlier.

Xander and Anya man-handle poor Richard down the stairs. "You have some weird friends," mumbles poor Richard, to which Xander replies, "News from the file marked 'duh.'" That's nice. You invite the guy to Buffy's birthday party and attempt to set him up with someone -- those two things are bad enough, but to then mock the guy after he's had to lie around in a bloody shirt for two days? Uncool. Xander expositions that he and Anya are taking Richard to the emergency room (why didn't they call him an ambulance?), and Anya tells Dawn she'll be back to talk to her about payment for the stolen goods. Buffy wonders if the spell has worn off (which maybe explains why people were still standing around yammering rather than taking the wounded guy to the ER). Spike opens the front door. Anya and Xander walk Richard out, followed by Sophie, Tara, Willow, and Clem. Everybody babbles about the stars and the grass. I can understand why Willow left despite the fact that she lives there -- she needs some fresh air! As he leaves, Clem gives Buffy a thumbs-up and grins, "Good party!" More babbling. Buffy smiles after Clem, and then Spike gives her a grin and leaves. Or at least someone who physically resembles David Boreanaz leaves wearing Spike's duster. Buffy watches everyone go, and as she steps to the door, Dawn gives her a pleading look. Buffy sees it, and instead of leaving with everyone else, she steps back and closes the front door. As it closes, we see Dawn give a little smile. At least that's the way my sister interpreted it, and since I was asleep by the end, I'll take her word for it.

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