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That night. Ooops, not very soon, I guess. Sophie looks out the window and makes anxious noises as Buffy admits to Spike that "'soon' was a bit of an overstatement." With a sigh, Spike suggests that Buffy try not celebrating her birthday for once. I have a feeling crappy stuff would still happen to her anyway. It's just Buffy Summers's fate to have the worst birthdays ever. After Buffy goes upstairs, Dawn, who is sulking on the sofa, asks Spike about the strange groaning, rushing noise she hears. She speculates that High Kicker is lurking in the walls of the house, and Spike listens closely. However, he doesn't make love to the wall the way he did to the door last week, so it makes for a rather dry moment. Upstairs, Tara is dabbing at Richard's wound as Willow stands nearby. I know I came up with an explanation as to why they took the poor guy upstairs, but seriously, let me restate that I hope never to get injured around these people. Nobody bandaged Richard's wound. Hell, they didn't even take his shirt off! Tara's just poking at the bloody hole in his shirt with some peroxide on a cloth. High Kicker creaking and whooshing in the walls. Tara, Willow, and Richard looking anxious. Me writing the most boring recap in the history of this website. Buffy walking down the hall with a big knife. She's startled by Clem.

Xander and Anya are sitting on the floor somewhere, which is lit with cool blue light, unlike the warm tones of the rest of the house. Anya tugs at the front of her shirt and complains about the heat, but Xander tries to assure her that she's just feeling anxious. As she frets about Richard dying and their inability to escape from the house, Xander does a nice job trying to make her feel better. "We've been through worse," he tells her, but she feels "trapped" like an animal. She begins to unbutton her shirt frantically and moans about how she can't breathe. I can't care. I just can't. Grabbing her hands, Xander basically tells Anya she's having an anxiety attack, but they'll make a plan and do something. He's not sure what yet, but he'll go get her some water to cool her down.

More creaking and groaning in the walls as Xander heads to the kitchen. As he walks through the dining room, High Kicker appears out of the wall behind Xander and grabs him. Xander screams, Anya looks sort of worried, and Spike rushes in to help. High Kicker manages to throw both Spike and Xander to the floor before Buffy comes running in from walking around upstairs, or whatever she was doing. High Kicker and Buffy fight. When Spike jumps in, Buffy shouts to him that he should grab the demon's sword. Before he can, High Kicker knocks Spike down again and sinks away through the wall. "Are you hurt? Here, let me see," says Buffy, although with the editing it's impossible to tell if she's talking to Spike or Xander. Xander is the one who's cut, but Spike is the one she's mushy about. As Buffy hovers, Anya drags into the room, looking immobilized by terror. Xander jumps up to assure her he's okay, and they touch foreheads as Xander strokes her hair. Buffy stares at them, all sad-like. Either because her friend is hurt, or because she can't openly show her feelings for her boyfriend, or -- I dunno, maybe because she's wondering if they still have any of those Ore Ida French fries left in the freezer. With the crappy editing, it's so hard to tell.

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