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Once More, With Feeling

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Once More, With Feeling

Later, they're walking through a large sunny park -- a real, shot-on-location-type park, rather than the claustrophobic park sets we often see. And now we can get a good look at what each of the witches is wearing. Ugh. Willow is in a long-sleeved and long-skirted pale pink dress with a saggy crisscrossed bodice. It looks like something you'd wear to a stuffy garden party for people who think women's bodies should be swathed from head to toe in yards and yards of fabric. I've been watching the season-two repeats on FX and I find it strange that we saw more of Aly's body when she was a shy, never-been-kissed high school student than now when she's a sexy, confident witch. I mean, those of us who have seen the lad magazines know that Aly herself isn't shy about showing off her body, so why does Willow dress like someone trying to hide third-degree burn scars? And Tara, poor Tara. She's wearing a iridescent sea-green corset over what appears to be a burlap bag with a Cinderella-esque ragged hem. Both are very pretty women with very nice figures, and for some reason the Fashion Nazi hates them. Even Buffy is making out better this season with her sensible jeans-and-tops ensembles. Anyway, as these two fashion train wrecks wander through the park, a pair of guys pass by and grab themselves a little eyeful. Willow giggles to Tara that the guys are "checking [her] out," but Tara is totally confused. "What are they looking at?" Well, probably they saw the way you're dressed and were having the following discussion: "What's up with that girl's outfit?" "I dunno, dude. Maybe the Renaissance Faire is in town." "Turkey legs, dude!" But ah, Willow has a different spin; she tells Tara the guys were looking because Tara is hot. "Oh my God, I'm cured! I want the boys!" laughs Tara, pretending to run after said boys, who I've spent entirely too much time discussing as we never see them again. They laugh, and Tara tells Willow, "I know exactly what they see in me. You." Um, scary. Even setting aside memory-wiping spells, this relationship is more than a little twisted. Uh oh, Tara feels a song coming on.

With a tranquil lake in the background, she begins, "I lived my life in shadow / Never the sun on my face." She thought that was her place, but now her whole life has changed; Willow has bathed her in light, set her free, and brought her out of her shell. So many metaphors, so little time. She likens the process to magic: "I'm under your spell / Nothing I can do / You just took my soul with you." They walk hand-in-hand, smiling, and then Tara spins away to a sunny patch on the shore of the lake. She continues to sing and dances a few steps, backed by two random women. Amber Benson has a very pretty voice, but her dancing is a little, well, clunky. I can buy that for the Tara character, though. "You made me believe," she continues as she and Willow spin arm-in-arm. The background changes, and they are in their room at the Summers house. They both sit on the bed and share suggestive glances. "The moon to the tide / I can feel you inside," smiles Tara, "I'm under your spell / Surging like the sea / Drawn to you so helplessly." Damn, this is pretty racy stuff. In a poetic way, of course. And it just gets racier when Tara lies back on the bed and Willow lies on top of her. Then Willow backs completely out of the frame, and I don't think she went to get a drink of water or a good book because the next lines Tara sings are, "Lost in ecstasy / Spread beneath my willow tree / You make me com -- plete." She then levitates off the bed. The lyrics are masterfully done and incredibly subversive, I think. Impressive in all but two regards -- Tara's completely stiff body as she levitates, and the fact that her skirt is still obviously, um, in place. I don't want to be crude, but I was very distracted by thinking that, except for the levitating, she looked more like a person strapped uncomfortably to a board than a person receiving that kind of ecstasy. And then we have...

...a strangely abrupt cut to Xander and Buffy, still at Der Zauber Kasten. Let me summarize: Xander is a little obsessed with his suspicion that Willow and Tara left to have sex. Whatever. Dawn thinks all the dancing and singing is romantic, but Buffy, Xander, and Giles are very emphatic that it's not. "What's gonna be wrong with [it]?" Dawn wants to know.

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