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Once More, With Feeling

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Once More, With Feeling

Summers place. Dawn dumps her backpack out on the bed and tell Tara she has math homework, which seemed cooler when her class was singing about it at school. She then gets all kinds of guilty-looking when Tara tells her they have a lead on the source of the singing. "Some sort of Lord of the Dance. Oh, but not the scary one. Just a demon." Is that a Michael Flatley reference? Riverdance was his first project and then Lord of the Dance was the next, in which he did all the things that you couldn't do in Riverdance -- mainly move your arms and have a big ego. Right? Ahem. Sorry. Dawn doesn't look Tara in the eye when she asks, "Um, do they know who summoned it?" Nope, still working on that. Dawn tells Tara she's glad the witches made up after fighting about magic, but Tara has no idea what Dawn's talking about. She tries to say that she and Willow never fought, but then peers down at the flower she found in the bed earlier, which she's wearing pinned to her shirt. She looks devastated and then rushes out, telling Dawn she's going to the magic shop. Once Tara has left, Dawn heads to her jewelry box and takes out the top tray. Underneath is a stash of things she's stolen -- all seemingly unused and still bearing their price tags. She takes out the pendant she stole from the shop earlier and fastens it around her neck. As she looks at it in the mirror she sings, "Does anybody even notice? / Does anybody even care?" She slowly turns and finds herself face-to-face with someone wearing a creepy marionette or ventriloquist's dummy mask. They remind me of the Supermarionation effect in the sixties series Thunderbirds. Therefore I will call these guys, the Super Minionettes as it's easier than coming up with a clever name. All three of the Super Minionettes bundle Dawn into a blanket.

Sep: What was up with the creepy plastic demons?
Ace: Creepy.
Sep: Snerk. Thanks. I was worried I was missing the metaphor for ennui in the twenty-first century or something.
Ace: Alienation of the common man in the workplace, perhaps? Nope. Just creepy.

Dawn wakes up on a pool table, dressed in a blue sleeveless turtleneck with black capri pants and ballet slippers. Someone told me that the outfit hearkens back to another musical but since in the history of the universe the only musical I care about is this one, I kind of forgot what they were talking about. ["West Side Story? It would seem to match, outfit-wise. But that's the only musical I know besides Grease, so I'll shut up now." -- Sars] Dawn points her toes in fear or something and starts doing this, uh, dance. She tries to get away, but the Super Minonettes grab her and spin her around and stuff until she finally slides all the way across the floor to the edge of the stage, where some two-tone wingtips and bright red pants are waiting for her.

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer




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