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Once More, With Feeling

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Once More, With Feeling

The shoes start a-tappin' and the camera pans up to show everyone's favorite Tandoori Chicken Head demon, Sweet. He croons to Dawn that he's "from the imagination and here strictly by your invocation," and by the way do you wanna, um, maybe dance with me? He dances and sings awhile, because he's, like, a three-time Tony award winner and I imagine that's just what you do when you've won three Tony awards. Maybe call up Liza, gloat a bit, and then it's off to dance and sing your day away. So Dawn gets up to dance with him a bit and then she's says hopefully, "So you're like a good demon? Bringin' the fun in?" He summons the illusion of the crispy corpse from earlier to show Dawn what can happen if people sing and dance for too long. He then takes a moment to explain that since she summoned him, she's going to be his queen when he returns to the underworld. The camera pulls back from Dawn to show that she's suddenly wearing an ice-blue full-length dress that makes her look more like the Prom Queen of 1977 than anything else. It's just wrong. The color washes her out and it has lace in all the wrong places. Dawn is less than enthused with being elevated to underworld aristocracy: "What I mean / I'm fifteen / So this queen thing's illegal." He pays her no heed until she croons, "She'll get pissed / if I'm missed / See, my sister's the Slayer." This stops Sweet Tandoori Chicken Head mid high-kick, and he dispatches the Super Minionettes to find Buffy.

Buffy and Giles are training in the back room of Der Zauber Kasten. Buffy fears that it might turn into a training montage from an eighties movie. Giles dryly suggests that in case of power chords, they'll just duck and cover. Heh. Giles pauses for a moment and then asks Buffy if she's had a chance to set Dawn straight over her Halloween antics. Buffy nonchalantly says, "I thought you took care of that." Giles looks as though this confirms his worst suspicions. "Okay. I'm ready," says Buffy, referring to the next part of their workout. But this being a musical, Giles launches into his big number. He walks over to the big collection of weaponry hanging on a red felt background on the back wall, and grabs a few knives. Hmmm. I'm thinking that I might have to display my own weapons that way. It looks pretty cool. Of course, since my weapons consists of mismatched cutlery, the door stopper from my first apartment, and origami throwing stars, it might lack the same effect. Note to self: Improve the armory. Anyway. Giles starts throwing knives at Buffy while singing about how he's keeping her down. "Your path's unbeaten and it's all uphill / And you can meet it, but you never will / And I'm the reason that you're standing still." Whoosh. Buffy steps out of the way of a knife. "I wish I could say the right words to lead you through this land / Wish I could play the father and take you by the hand." Whoomp. Buffy kicks the knife out of the air. I'm thinking that her life might get a lot easier if people would just stop throwing sharp objects at her all the time. Buffy does some Tae-Bo in slow motion in the background while Giles sings about how he's hindering Buffy by trying to help her.

Cut to Tara hurrying through the main floor of Der Zauber Kasten and up to the loft where all the dangerous magic books are kept.

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