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All About Oz

Xander and Buffy pedeconference at school. Xander: "How are we supposed to act when we see him?" Buffy says that he's still a human being. The discussion continues until it becomes clear that while Buffy's talking about Oz, Xander's talking about Larry. Hee. Speaking of the newest member of the Southern California circuit, we see Meat and Head (those guys just won't give up their dream, will they?) pulling the same trick as before on some new girl, except this time Larry comes out of nowhere and helps her gather her books. That's right -- we gays are very polite, and would never, ever surreptitiously check out anyone else's ass. Ahem. Larry bounds over to Xander and thanks him. Buffy asks what he did, but Xander hems and haws. Larry claps him firmly but tenderly on the shoulder, and takes off without the slightest peek at Xander's butt. Rookie. Buffy wonders what's going to happen to Oz and Willow, and Xander gives a tedious analysis of their future that's the werewolf equivalent of his speech about Buffy and Angel's future together he gave in "Surprise," so I'm not going to bother with it. He starts to say if it were up to him...Buffy: "It's not up to you." Well said, sister. However, since it's no work at all, I'll just add this: Shut up, Xander.

In the quad, Willow finds Oz, who looks relieved to see her. She invites him to go first. Oz says that Giles told him he just needs to lock himself up around the full moon. "Only he used more words than that. And a globe." So I missed a scene with my two favorite characters to grant a lame villain with an oversized boy-band necklace more screentime? Willow apologizes for shooting him, and he apologizes for almost eating her. Young love. Willow wonders why he didn't tell her about the whole werewolf thing, but he responds that he didn't know what to say, and that finding out he's a werewolf was "fairly freaksome. It may take a couple days getting used to." Hee. He offers to stay out of her way, but she counters: "I'm kind of okay with you being in my way." Awwww. While listing his positive attributes, she throws in a little anti-smoking mention that almost ruins the speech for me, but she saves it with, "Three days out of the month I'm not much fun to be around either." Heh. They agree that they'd both "still," but Willow adds the proviso of "no biting." We'll see how long that lasts, sister. Willow walks off, but returns to kiss him full on the lips, then bails again. Oz looks after her happily, and says, "A werewolf in love." Looks like he didn't need those couple of days to get used to the idea. And again, awwww.

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